Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Playroom Progress: Easy Book Display Shelves

We are slowly but surely making progress on the playroom. 
You can see the last update I showed you here, and the before pics here, just in case you missed 'em.

Today, a quick and easy update that makes a big impact. We hung three Ikea Ribba Picture Ledges. We put some books and frames on them. And that is all! Easy as can be. 
 Still need to paint one of the "houses" into this odd closet/crawl space, so just ignore that. 
 Ignore that rug. We tried it out in there, but it has since moved into the den where I think it will permanently live. Anyway, here's some close-ups of the shelves. Remember this surfing dog that we bought in Hawaii from here
 The car image is a cheapie art card from Ikea. Bunny (below) and elephant (above) frames are from Chapters. 
This photo makes me laugh every time. It is actually a blown up copy of Ben's passport photo, taken at 6 weeks.
 I am sure things will move around on here all the time, but they are so easy to arrange and make look nice. I love using the books the kids love as decoration, and it makes it easy for them to spot them and enjoy them, too. It also balances out this big Expedit. Things are always moving around on this one too. Here is how it looks today:
 We are hanging art in here too, will share pics soon. Along with Ben's birthday and some Canada Day pics. Here's a few Canada day ones from my instagram. More to come!


  1. I am loving your playroom, the shelves are gorgeous. If you get a chance, please link up to my link party:

  2. I love the idea to put the houses over the openings! The ribba shelves always make books look like art; I love that.

  3. I wish I had an ikea near me. So annoying. Love the little "houses". That's so fun!

  4. Love the bookshelves and painted houses. Such a fun idea!

  5. I love the bookshelf!! SO great that they can see the books and don't have to pull 20 off the shelf (thats what my son does :o)
    Emily @ Nap-Time Creations


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