Friday, June 7, 2013

Stacy's Dream Kitchen

Today our guest blogger series continues, and I am so excited to have Stacy from South Shore Decorating and Mary Jane's Makeup join us. Stacy has a great eye for design and her blog is always full of inspiration. Today, she's sharing something makes her house feel like a dream home. Prepare for some delicious eye candy. And then go over to her blog to say hello!
Thank you so much, Stacy!
Okay, here she is:

Thank you so much, Jenny, for letting me guest post here today.  I am thnking of you and hoping that you, the baby, your husband, and your other little treasure are all doing well!

My name is Stacy, and I write two blogs, South Shore Decorating Blog and Mary Jane's Makeup (the second one is for charity, and readers here are probably most interested in the first one).  I am an interior decorator and run my own business, which keeps me quite busy.  In my spare time, I tackle an occasional do it yourself project, a couple of which I'll show you here.

My house is my dream house in a lot of ways.  Mostly, because of the people who live in it with me.  But also, I love it because it is a great entertaining house. And for me, the point of life is to be kind, do what you love, and have fun with the people you love.  So, we entertain. A lot.  And the kitchen, which opens to the backyard with a pool, is perfect for that.

Here is my kitchen in it's current state:
This next photo actually shows two things I did myself.  First, the wall paneling.  It was SO hard and I might have cried more than once while doing it.  But I love it, and am glad I did it.  Second, the cabinet.  I bought it on a big sale, and it was green when it arrived.  I love green, but it didn't go, so I painted it black.  I love it and it helps me not have to store my 18 million plates on the kitchen and dining room tables.
And here is the backyard that those kitchen doors open up to:

So, that is what makes my house a dream house for me and for my family!
Thank you again, Jenny, for allowing me to guest post. It was a real honor.

Now it's me (Jenny) again. Just wanted to say thank you again, Stacy! 
Gosh, I could totally take a nice long swim in that pool.... 


  1. Thank you so much for letting me guest post Jenny! I hope you are enjoying your little ones!!

  2. There isn't even one thing that I don't love about that home! Gorgeous style.

  3. Stunning home! Love how the kitchen is open to the dining area and the paneling on the walls. Oh and the pool of course. If you need any pool guests, I would be happy to help out ;)


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