Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Organized Storage Room (in Progress)

I have yet to upload or sort through birthday party pics, but those are coming! Instead today we're back to house updates. Yay!

This, however, is not going to be a very impressive before and after on your screen, but in our daily lives it has been pretty awesome. Welcome to our basement storage/furnace room. 
Ah, storage. The space needs a lot of work of course, but after living as a family of three in a 1000 square foot condo, we are pretty psyched to have this room for storing stuff. Even if it is really ugly in need of aesthetic improvement. 

Let's review the before. Once upon a time this was a jungle of wires and a dank laundry/furnace room. 
You can see all the before pictures here, but I'll give you a reminder of the before:

First, we had the pros deal with the mess of wires (our contractor's son took care of this. Mostly these were just telephone wires). Next, we opted to lay down waterproof flooring to match our new laundry room (they are right across the hall from each other). This made a HUGE difference. We didn't think it would be such a dramatic change, but it took the room from dank and dreary to clean and fresh. Until you notice the walls. We'll deal with those eventually. But seriously, the flooring in person makes it soooo much better. 

Next, we loaded in a few random pieces of my siblings' cast-off furniture and some colourful storage bins into the space. My parents' also gave us an old mini-fridge from their office. We use it to store our booze and free up space in the upstairs refrigerator. 
The unlabelled bins and boxes are empty. The green and aqua bins are from Costco, Around $9 for four. We still have a few corners of the room to organize, but it is nice that we can acquire more stuff without worrying about where to stash it. Since I took these pics more canned goods and whatnot have moved to these shelves to help keep the kitchen cupboards less cluttered. 
 Matt was confused as to why we needed a spot for tape until I showed him how many varieties we had. 


  1. Ha! We live in a 564 sq ft condo in NYC and we think that's big!! We are a family of 4 too. Anyways, I rent a storage unit and I have a similar organization. At home we use lots of vertical storage, aka bookshelves across and top to bottom. I dream of doubling our apt size lol

  2. Love the storage boxes and the cute rug!



  3. Storage is always so useful if it's organized like yours. Can you tell me what flooring you bought, you refer to "waterproof" and I have a laundry room to do and like your floors.

  4. Your idea of having storage boxes is good. It would make your room less messy and more organized. But I think you should have placed them at the bottom and put the drawers on top. It can be difficult to get them when you need something in there.

    Javier @Gibraltar Storage


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