Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Basement Rug

Thank you so much for your sweet comments about baby Violet
We are all doing great and over the past week celebrated Benjamin's second birthday (the party is happening this weekend -- I'll be sure to share pics soon after). Violet is also over a month old now and doing great. All is pretty wonderful right now and I feel like a very lucky woman. 

Anyway, I promise not to just chat about babies all the time. I'm way overdue for house updates. Recently, I shared some progress we'd made in our basement rec room (see it all here). We've made one change to the basement rec room -- a super easy one that just involved waiting for the right item to come along on sale.

We got a plush new rug!
 We bought it off Wayfair when it was one of their 65% off daily deal items. A rug felt like a risky thing to buy online, but we are LOVING it. It is nice and plush and adds just the right dose of pattern. The touch of beige ties in the couch with the whites and creams we otherwise have going on the room.  I love the rug for two reasons... First, function. The rug creates a nice soft spot to play and keeps the basement feeling warm and cozy when we're hanging out down there (I imagine we will be there a lot more in the winter, too, when we won't be outside as much -- so coziness will be especially important). Second, form. I think a rug totally grounds a space and instantly makes a room feel more pulled together. See this before to illustrate:

No rug:
A close up of the pattern for you:
 We've also found that the colours work really well with this ancient Ikea print I've had stashed in a closet at my parents' house. I bought this one when I first started university, and its been kicking around (in this plain ikea frame) for well over a decade now. I love it all over again and think it will work well in this space. I need something else to hang beside it and am sorting through what we have to see what will work. 
And of course we still need to add 4 more framed photos above the dressers. Lots of little things to do, but we've made progress if you look at where we started:
Jenny xo


  1. A very nice rug! And it looks great in your space. Can't believe your little girl is all ready a month old! Hugs,

  2. I love the print on that rug!

  3. Awesome rug. It is fun with the pattern but still has some really classic colours in it.

  4. Hi Jenny, I'm a relatively new reader and love your blog! Great rug, and I also love how you've used dressers for storage - so smart. (Also, I too had that Rothko print back in the day! Brings back memories!)

  5. Make me another person who also had that Rothko print :) I recall that finding nice rugs at a good price was a challenge as you prepared for the house ... glad you scored on this one, great pattern and seeing the texture on the close-up pic gives it a quality hand-hooked look.


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