Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kirsten's Dream Home - from 6th Street Design School

 Our guest blogger series continues today as I attempt to get some sleep, keep the kiddos fed and happy, and not let the house totally fall down. We are getting into the swing of things and life is all in all really good. Looking forward to getting back to regular blogging soon, but in the mean time I'm soooo thrilled to have had such awesome bloggers share their dream home elements with us for this series. Today, I'm welcoming the talent behind 6th Street Design School. Kirsten Krason is an insanely talented blogger and designer. I have crushed on her style for ages, and am very excited to have here here today to share a little bit with us about what she loves most about her home. If you haven't visited her blog before, hop on over and poke around. It is full of eye candy and good ideas -- I know you'll love it. Thank you Kirsten for being here today! And if you are visiting from Kirsten's blog, welcome and thanks for coming! - Jenny

Hi! I'm Kirsten Krason from the blog, 6th Street Design School. I'm so excited to  be guest posting today on why my home is my "dream home".
Although my home is very small with tiny tiny bedrooms I can't help but love it. We built it so we got to choose a lot of the finishes customize a few things. I love so many things about our little home. I love our high baseboards and trimmed out windows. I feel like this adds a great modern touch to our  home. This may sound silly but I also love our doors. I opted for a $200 upgrade to get nicer doors and I think it makes such a difference. The three boxed panel makes the home feel more contemporary which is totally my style. I also love our paint color throughout the home (hazy skies by Benjamin Moore). 

It's hard to find that perfect beige color that will work in any room. I consider this paint color to be more greige but it's just neutral enough that it flows well throughout our whole home. Even though they get dirty easily I also love our dark hard wood floors on our main level. 
I also LOVE our vaulted ceilings upstairs. Since our rooms are so small it helps each space feel larger and more grand. 
The thing I love very most about my home is that it is a safe haven for my family. It is so important to me to create an atmosphere of love and safety for my kids. We have created so many wonderful memories here and continue to create memories. I couldn't ask for more than that! - Kirsten

Thank you so much, Kirsten! 
Jenny xo


  1. I've always adored 6th Street Design School. It's a must read!

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