Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Easy, Inexpensive Loot Bags

On Sunday, we celebrated Benjamin's 2nd birthday with a fun little  truck and car themed BBQ and Pool Party. I have yet to upload and edit photos from the main event, but today I thought I'd pop in to share the unbelievably easy loot bags we threw together last minute for the kiddos in attendance.

I had very little to spend -- money-wise or time-wise -- but wanted a little something for the children to take home. We had two age groups - babies/toddlers and older kids. For the former, I bought two sets of truck board books at Costco, removed them from the original packaging and divided them up (in our case, each little one got three books).
I used plain yellow ribbon and some simple leftover shipping tags from Staples, a Sharpie, and some of Benny's crayons to label them. This step took about 5 minutes total for me. I thought about using my alphabet stamps or even designing something cute and printing them when I first had the idea to do this. Then in reality I was making this the night before when Ben and Matt were playing and I decided I'd rather go play with them than make beautiful loot bag labels. And this worked just fine. 

Here they are all ready to go:
For the older kids, we simply bought a bunch of mini bags of candy (sour patch kids, swedish berries, and a bunch of other treats), divided them up, and put them in plain old brown paper bags that got a similar crayon treatment with plain staples to seal. I was going to use the ribbon to make 'em look cuter and again opted to make this as fast and simple as humanly possible. 
I jotted this on the back with my Sharpie. I didn't even worry about my penmanship. My, how being a new mother of two is changing my ways, ha ha. 
Just a few minutes later, I was all done:
The loot bags were a big hit. They are obviously nothing too special or fancy, and I thought I wouldn't bother blogging about them as a result (it seems like all the kids' birthday parties I see on blogs have pretty elaborate and beautifully done details. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that. I just couldn't do that this time around). But then I decided that for any readers out there who, like me, just don't have the time or money to make extra special loot bag packaging, this could be useful after all. Even if just to say you're not the only one who is keeping it simple.

At the end of the day, this little man and all his friends were very happy. And that's the whole point anyway.
P.S. Some of the supplies I used probably look familiar. 
The shipping tags have been used for a million things, like this 30th Anniversary Party Tablescape
Or as labels in Benjamin's nursery closet back in the condo. 
And the brown paper bags were used with other random free things (like paint chips, as pictured) to wrap gifts for Christmas.
I am sure this won't be the last you see of them on here...

Jenny xo


  1. Love the books idea for loot bags. So easy and fun.

  2. So cute jenny. I can't imagine where you find the time!


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