Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Dream Home Library - from Ashli of Mini Manor Blog

Today while I'm off hanging with my babies, the Dream Home Guest Blogger Series continues. I'm very excited to welcome Ashli of Mini Manor Blog. Her style is fresh and fun and I just love it. Her blog, which is full of inspiration and creativity, has been a frequent read for me since the day I found it. She's also a fellow Canadian (living in gorgeous British Columbia). Ashli, thank you for sharing with us today! If you aren't aquainted with Ashli or her blog yet, pop on over. And if you're visiting Simcoe Street from Mini Manor Blog for the first time, welcome!

Anyway, this is Ashli and her cute husband:
And this is her post for us about what she just loves in her home:

My House is my Dream home because of one MAJOR reason . . . our library.

I love to read, I will read almost anything, newspapers from my niece's middle school paper . . . read them, the pamphlet at the doctor's office about prostate health . . . read it too.  So my dream has always been to have a huge bookcase with a ladder! To have enough books that I would need a ladder to access them all. So far we are about half way to the dream, we have the bookcase we need the ladder.
Earlier this year we added some HUGE bookcases to our office area. All we need now is a rolling ladder because 15 feet in the air makes my books a bit difficult to get to.

So there you have it . . . my home is my dream home because it's where my books live! ;)
- Ashli


  1. Great and creative use of space that looks like it might be a little awkward to decorate given the smaller floor area in contrast with the soaring ceiling. The upper part of the bookcase helps the ceiling / wall have a more "human scale" and comfy feeling. Hope she gets a rolling ladder soon :) Hi to you Jenny and the sweet babes.

  2. This is amazing. I love the idea of a rolling ladder one day here - in general, a rolling ladder in a library is one of those dream things I want in my own home one day. I love the use of other pieces of art throughout the books as well - it balances it out a bit and makes it more interesting to look at.
    What a great spot to work!

  3. Celebrate and cheery – I love it, especially the ladder!

    1. Meant "ladder idea" but Siri didn't hear me :)

  4. A library ladder has always been my dream too! Ever since I saw beauty and the beast. As a former English major reading is one of my all time passions too! This space is so light, bright and cheery. I love it!!!

  5. Great use of vertical space - everybody needs a bright cheery library like this

  6. I'm a huge fan of a home library. Definitely on my list for my house.

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