Sunday, May 5, 2013

Unpacking Progress

Sorry for the silence on the blog lately. Just wanted to pop in, share a few progress photos, and say hello!
Things are slowly but surely coming together around the house. Lately, it feels really slow. I'm anxious to get it all done -- being 36 weeks pregnant will kick the urge to unpack, clean, and organize into high gear in a big way. A fractured rib at 36 weeks, however, really slows down the ability to do any of those things. It has been an uncomfortable, frustrating, long 10 days since I broke the rib, and I'm so anxious for it to heal. I was feeling pretty down about it, but happily a weekend of sunshine, hanging in the backyard with Matt and Ben, and some much needed quality time with my best pal (thank you, Kate!) have helped me feel recharged. Thank you also to all of you who've sent me sweet comments and emails!

Anyway, in spite of the recent hiccups in house progress, we've got some updates to share. This week, I plan to walk you through some different parts of the house to show you where we're at and where we think we're headed in various spaces. 

Pictures help remind me that we've come a long way. Here is our dining room today
(obviously not staged -- please look past the colour book/cup of crayons, high chair, and boxes):
Sure, we need a rug and window treatments and artwork on the walls and to reupholster the chairs and to finish unpacking the boxes on the floor -- which, granted, is a lot of stuff -- but let's look at how this same view looked only a short while ago. The table and chairs are actually under all that stuff, most of which is now more or less unpacked and put away.
Progress, right? 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

See you soon
Jenny xo


  1. I'd definitely call that progress!! Hope you are feeling better and taking it easy :)

  2. What a great view through the dining room window, nice connection to the outdoors rather than the more typical DR placement of front of the house looking onto a street. Oh no, didn't realize you broke a rib, thought you "just" had a sore back! Mend well and quickly :)

  3. HUGE progress! And I'm sure that nesting instinct is really helping :) Hope you are feeling ok....that last month stinks!

  4. Yes, huge progress! Soon, I'll be right there with you.... Moving two weeks from tomorrow. It is looking fantastic.


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