Monday, May 13, 2013

Nursery Progress

Hello and happy Monday!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a fantastic mother's day!

Last week I gave you updates on our master bedroom (which is barely started) and Ben's room (which is getting closer to feeling complete). Today I thought I'd give you an update on the nursery. 

If you missed it, you can see before pictures of this space here, and check out previous progress updates here and here
Unfortunately, I'm really not loving this room so far. Hopefully it will come together before baby girl arrives. It is suddenly very high on my priority list and I think I'll try to find some time to work on the space this week. 

The good thing is we have managed to shape up the bones of the room well with new flooring, paint, a new light fixture (which I love), and by the small finishing things like replacing gross old electrical outlet covers and light switches with clean new ones. Remember how it started out?
We have also managed to furnish the space without spending a penny (we have used Benjamin's old furniture and my sister's old bed, and even odds and ends like our old bedroom lamps). We still need to buy a missing part for the bed (we have the headboard and footboard, but no rails or frame to attach them to, so the headboard is just leaning here and the mattress/boxspring are still sitting on the floor). 
But now it needs some style. It needs some things to pull it together, freshen up the old stuff, and make it feel like a special place for our little lady. It needs to be softened, needs art (which is tricky with these slopey ceilings) and linens and organization and all of those other details that make you fall in love with a space. So, though we aren't anywhere near to a room we're loving, here is a glimpse at where we're at.

I've decided to add some blue to the pink/white/grey we have going on. The blue blanket on the bed is a temporary stand-in until I find bedding I like at a price I can afford. The blue pillow on the chair is new and is staying (you can buy it here at 30% off-- the details are really pretty in person). 
The blue will be a softer shade than this one, and there will be less of it, but I think it helps keep the pink from feeling too disconnected from the rest of our house. We have blue in basically every room, even if just little pops of it. 

The blue extends in small doses into the closet too, where I've so far added these two big baskets (one holds long sleeved sleepers, one holds rompers). 

And while we're in here, take a peek at the sweet little dresses all hanging up. 
I've done so much baby laundry and can't get enough of all the cute clothing. We were lucky to get loads of hand me downs from my aunt, and have some of my younger sister's old clothes too - amazing how well those dresses have held up over the last 18 years!
 Anyway, here's a shot of her built-in bookcase. Man, does this room ever need work.
 Eventually, I'll try to style this and bought these cute little chevron bins to hold hats, wash cloths, swaddling blankets, and other odds and ends. 
I'm also on the hunt for a cute basket for holding necessities on the change table. For now I'm just using this old Ikea drawer organizer dressed up with an old piece of ribbon. 
 And we will be trying to fit both function (storage) and style into the little bookcase behind the door. So far the only part I'm loving is the little blue bunny book end (a recent HomeSense purchase). Since the bed is adorned with tiny bunnies, I'd love to have a few of them throughout the room -- a very, very loose theme. 
And that's about all I have to show you so far in here. I can't wait to be more excited about this room -- I'm feeling guilty about how it feels at this point. All in good time though, I suppose. 
As for ideas -- I'm planning on a nice soft cream/white/ivory rug, fun artwork, lots of organization, and some much needed personalization. I haven't figured out what exactly that will look like yet, but I will keep you posted!

Jenny xo


  1. Pink and blue is what we went with in our nursery too. I plan on posting pictures later this week, although her quilt is still on backorder from Pottery Barn. I did notice the Pottery Barn Kids Outlet here had some pink And blue yesterday but I didn't catch gbs outlet prices

  2. I love the angles in the room and the contrast of the paint vs. floors. Sometimes the best rooms don't start with plans at all, they just evolve!

  3. I love where you are going with the room! I like the pink and blue pops, and the accents are so cute.

    Hope you are feeling better and getting some rest and are feeling better.



  4. The room is looking great! Very bright, open and cheery which is perfect for welcoming your new little girl. Can't wait to see how you personalize it.

  5. The nursery looks wonderful!

  6. Hey Jenny - longtime follower, first time poster.

    I love all the angles and brickwork in your upstairs bedrooms, so much character. I know my 2 guys would have loved having away-from-parents rooms!

    I have a pretty good idea what neighbourhood you live in, I used to work not too far away and JetBaby is one of my favorite stores for baby/toddler gifts. Hey, perhaps a potential blog sponsor?

    One question - how do you affix the pics to the walls in Ben's room? If they were regular picture hooks they would have never stayed on the walls at my house!

  7. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous!! I just LOVE that room. Thanks so much for linking up!

  8. Eee this is exciting!! Im looking forward to see what else you do! Looking great so far! :)

  9. It's looking great! What a transformation from the before. Loving those wood floors, and even though it's tough for hanging art I love the character the sloped ceiling gives it.

  10. I think you are being way too hard on yourself! This room is adorable!! The floors, walls, window and bookcase give the space character, and you've got some pretty furniture, linens and accessories going on. I know you'll make it even better, but honestly, if you did nothing else, it would still be a great space for your little girl :)

  11. Oh my, I think it looks wonderful. xo

  12. I love the rich look of the new flooring popping against the creamy tones. Its sweet seeing Ben's crib awaiting the newest baby and wonderful to have so many pieces from different family members that work so well together. It amazes me that most folks totally "do" the nursery pre-baby's arrival ... if you don't have all the fine touches in places before you meet her, I'm sure once you spend a couple days with her, you'll know precisely how you want to finish the room. She should be here soon? Hope you're feeling great! Robin

  13. I think this nursery is so cute! I cant wait to find out what I'm having to use some of your ideas! I'd love for you to share this at my linking party!

  14. It looks very bright and airy--such a great change from the before!


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