Monday, May 6, 2013

Master Bedroom Update

 So far, our master bedroom really isn't much to look at. 
We have a long to do list for this space but it has taken a back seat to getting Ben's room all set up, trying to put together the nursery, and sorting out the main living spaces in the house. You know how it goes.

Anyway, despite the long to do list, we've accomplished a few things in here and the room is at least functional for us now so I thought I'd go ahead and give you an update. Just bear in mind that this is very much a progress post, not an after. 

Here's the view from the bed, looking toward the door. 
The dresser is new, purchased at Salvation Army for $49. The cradle was Benjamin's, then used by our nephew Jack, and is now ready and waiting for our baby girl (she'll be in our room the first few months at night before transitioning to her nursery, though we hope she will nap in the nursery from early on). 
 This is the before of that same space with the seller's belongings (but obviously from a different view - sorry):
And here is the other side of the room. Functional? Yes. Pretty? Not yet.
And again, here is the same view before, with the previous owners' belongings.
We are glad to see those wall stickers gone. 
Actually, there were stickers everywhere -- all of which are thankfully history. 
We got rid of lots of them by replacing the old door knobs and light switches. This is the before of the closet doorknob. I forgot to take an after. But I promise it is a nice brushed nickel one that looks much cleaner. 

Anyway, we really need to buy bedding, hang art, etc., but at least we can sleep in here.
And we have knocked one thing off the list for this side of the room -- a headboard. We bought it at HomeSense on Friends & Family Discount day, which scored us 20% off of the original price of $249. Not cheap but not crazy, and we are really loving it. 
We've also replaced the light with a simple, inexpensive fixture from Ikea.
Here is the old boob light before:
 And you can see the new light here:
This is the light (available here), in case you're in the market for a cheapie upgrade yourself. We've put a few of these up in the house. It is amazing how much better they feel than the old lights, and for only 
So here is my rough to do list for this space (hopefully not forgetting anything major):

1. Paint Walls
2. Paint inside of closet.
3. Paint doors charcoal grey.
4. Replace sections of missing baseboard and quarter round.
5. Paint trim.
6. Buy a dresser 
7. Buy a headboard
8. Bedside lamps
9. Organize drawers in bedside tables.
10. Decide whether to paint bedside tables.
11. Paint or refinish dresser.
12. Replace nightstand drawer pulls.
13. Hang artwork
14. New bedding & accent pillows
15. Rug (we are currently using the one from Ben's old nursery, and will see what happens with that based on what happens with bedding)
16. Replace electrical outlets and light switches with nice new white ones. 
17. Replace doorknobs. 
18. One day possibly paint the old wood floors (they have paint splatters on them and are generally not great looking in person, even though they photograph okay). 
19. Window treatments (they don't look terrible in the photos, but the current ones are a shiny, cheap white material, not great for light blockage, and about a foot and a half too short!). 
20. Replace light fixture. 

Once I've pulled things together a little more and am a little more healed (in case you missed it, I've mentioned recently that I fractured a rib so have been a bit restricted lately. Especially since I'm about 4 weeks away from my due date. So house progress has been a tad slow).

Any bedding recommendations? 
Jenny xo


  1. It looks like a nice space - and you've already made tons of progress. I like West Elm for bedding...(actually who am I kidding - I like them for everything).

  2. I agree with marshallhousematters. West Elm is great for bedding. The room is coming along nicely!


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