Thursday, May 30, 2013

"House Winks" - by Jennifer @ Rambling Renovators

Hi everyone! The guest blogger series continues while I'm taking a little time out with my babies. Today I am so excited to welcome Jennifer from Rambling Renovators, one of the first blogs I really fell in love with. She is crazy talented and her blog is one of my must-reads. I am super excited to have her sharing some of her favourite things in her home (which is in Toronto! Yay!) with us today. If you aren't already one of her readers, pop on over to say hello and poke around her awesome blog. And if you've found your way over to Simcoe Street via Rambling Renovators, welcome!!

Hello Simcoe Street readers! I'm Jennifer of Rambling Renovators. I'm happy to be posting here today while Jenny is enjoying some snuggle time with her newest little one - in the midst of juggling a toddler and whole home renovation. I hope you're getting some rest Jenny!

My Home Is My Dream Home Because...

We've filled it with little surprises. I call them house winks - small details which don't fail to bring a smile to my face. We've created some beautiful spaces in our home, rooms which reflect the way we live and suit us just so, but its the little things that remind me day to day why I love this house. Its the way...

...the frosted bathroom door looks when the afternoon light shines through it...

...the giant photo of my daughter that catches my eye as I walk through the living room...

...the built-in cubbies on the radiator my husband made. Soon, the tiny shoes will be too big to fit in there!

...the milk door turned mailbox, which gives me a cheery aqua hello each time I open it...

...or the old, worn harvest table I spent years looking for and now fits perfectly in our new basement.

These winks make the mundane memorable and infuse something special into the ordinary days of life in our home. And little by little, they make me fall in love with my house all over again.



  1. The little mailbox is absolutely incredible! The bathroom door is gorgeous as well. What a clever way to let some light in.

  2. Love Jennifer's style over at Rambling Renovators. So many great Canadian bloggers! Hope all is well in new baby land :)

  3. She is so talented, and I adore that mail box. Love the bright color inside. GREAT idea. And such fun!



  4. I pretty much adore everything that Jennifer does. Congrats on your little girl. She's precious!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS JENNY!!! I am so happy for you :) ANDI really enjoyed this guest post!


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