Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dining Room Progress

 I'm continuing house updates with a tour of the dining room. 
You can also see nursery progress, Ben's room progress, and master bedroom progress if you missed them. 

Here is the dining room at 7:30 this morning.

Benjamin slept in (yay!) so I snapped a few photos of the dining room to share with you. I didn't clean it up for the photos -- there are still boxes around and the table sees more use for stickers and colouring than actual dining, which is evident. Also, ignore the random things stashed in here for now (like the outdoor cushions -- those will have a spot to be stored in the shed, but I haven't assembled the shelves yet in there). Nonetheless, the room is coming together, slowly, and I thought a progress post was in order. 
7:30 isn't ideal time, light-wise, but you do see how big and bright the windows are. 

The room also looks especially blue in the morning, and smokier/greyer at the end of the day day. I love that about the colour (Benjamin Moore's Smoke).

 Some flowers I received for mother's day are on the table. So sweet.
 And our high chair fits nicely in the corner. For any expectant or new moms, I have to tell you that I really really don't recommend this high chair. 
 Next to the sliding glass door (that leads out to the back deck) is this little wall space. Eventually, we think a cool antique bar cart would be perfect here. But that doesn't fit with our toddler/baby lifestyle at the moment, so we used this shelf that we already had (it used to be in the living room in the condo) and use it to store cookbooks and a few other odds and ends. Use what you've got, right? Need to find art or photos for those frames! Thinking one of Ben and one of the baby could be just the thing. 
 I love having all my cookbooks in easy reach and right next to the kitchen, without cluttering up my countertop in the actual kitchen.
 I need to figure out a good way to utilize some space in here for outdoor stuff too. We haven't done a lot with the yard yet, so the stuff is just stashed here waiting to be set up. 
 Our china cabinet fits perfectly in a little recessed nook in here. Well, almost. We had to do a little sawing (removing some of the decorative moulding at the top) so it could fit in. We saved the pieces so we can always pop 'em back on in a different home if we need to, and plan to patch things up with some paint -- but that is low down on our loooong to do list for the house. 
Here is how that nook looked before, with the sellers' belongings:
Our cabinet looks great in person, though hard to tell in these photos with so much junk around and such a bad angle. I'll retake them after this room is really cleaned out. But at least this shows you how it kind of tucks away -- a lucky coincidence, since it is such a big, tall piece. 

I'll give you a peek at our stuff inside. It is a mix of our wedding china, crystal, and some inexpensive thrifted silver pieces. 
This one below is Benjamin's Christening cup from his godmother.
 We store extras - dessert plates, napkin rings, etc, in the cupboards and drawers below. 
We are loving the blue in here, as well as how much storage we've managed to pack in without making the room feel closed off or cluttered. Of course, it feels super cluttered right now because there are still lots of random things sitting in there. 
Better than this, though, just a few weeks ago:
Short term, I'm on the lookout for window treatments, fabric to reupholster our very old (but still functional) chairs, and possibly two fun new chairs for the ends of the table. One day we'd like to add a rug, too, and change out the light fixture -- but those are further down the line. 

Thanks so much for visiting!

Jenny xo


  1. Wow - you've accomplished a lot in a short time - I LOVE the color you chose for your walls - just beautiful!

  2. You've done so much. I love that color. So pretty!

  3. Love that color! I used it on the ceiling of my front porch. Everything is coming together great!

  4. what luck that cabinet fits so well in that spot! The room is looking lovely. (I feel your pain on putting All The Things away.)

  5. are one busy lady! Love your color choice! Hopped over from MMS and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit! HUGS!!! ~ Judy

  6. Looking good! your windows are so gorgeous! That china cabinet is a dream come true.

  7. You're working fast, girl! This is a random detail to pick out of this post, but I love your giraffe decanter! So unique.

  8. Your yard looks so nice and green - must be really nice to look out onto that when eating breakfast. I also really like the Smoke on the walls - love a paint colour that is constantly changing. have a great long weekend!

  9. I love your blog and love how you've styled your new home! Keep the pictures coming.

  10. I love what you're done! This just looks wonderful, Jenny. That color is perfect. A gorgeous color. Keep up the good work.

    Hope you are feeing better, too.



  11. P.S. It might make you feel better if you see what is going on with the outside of our residence. Oh, I wish it was OVER.

  12. Love the colour! The room looks so light and bright.

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