Saturday, May 11, 2013

Benjamin's Toddler Room - An Almost Finished Update & Tour

Gosh, have I ever found myself sloooooowing down lately. 

Given my lack of posting, I'm guessing that's no surprise to you. But time to heal and rest and all that have been a priority, and I'm starting to feel better. I'm also getting super excited for our baby girl to arrive -- well under a month to go now until her due date! I've been washing and folding tons of tiny pink outfits, getting my hospital bag packed up, and trying my best to prepare Benjamin for what is to come. It is all starting to feel very real and very, very exciting. 

Anyway, parts of the house are coming together and parts aren't. I'm trying not to rush it. I'm also working on sharing the progress room by room, whatever stage it's in. Today I thought I'd give you a rather comprehensive tour of how Ben's room is looking. This room has a few things left for us to do, but is getting close to being finished. We managed to do a quick clean up after breakfast this morning and to keep it tidy enough for me to spend 5 minutes snapping photos. 
(If you missed the before photos of the space, check 'em out here).
Gosh, I took a lot of photos. I guess after no blogging or anything since Monday I was camera-happy.
To see a more detail shots and a few more full room pics, click "read more." 

Just ignore that junk in the hallway. It's still sitting there now and has been for about four days. Ugh. 
The photo was taken of Benjamin on his first birthday, and we had our friends and family at the party sign the mat for him. That reminds me, I ought to post about that party one of these days -- especially since I just ordered invitations for his second birthday!
The adorable gator and birds print is from Galerie Anais, one of my favourite shops on Etsy. You might recognize it from his old nursery in the condo (see the tour here). 
Behind the door on the tall dresser, if you're wondering who that kid is and noting that she does not resemble Benjamin, it is just the kid who came in the frame. I'm waiting to print one of Ben and his new little sister once she arrives. 
This cute print was made for Ben by my cousin and given to him as a Christening gift. So sweet.
And Benny really likes hippos right now (and can say "hippo") so this frame is a fun touch.
His reading chairs get tons of use. He is definitely in a book-loving phase. 
 Above the reading chairs is more super cute artwork from Galerie Anais. Three are from the nursery, and the fox is brand new -- a gift from Anais for the new house. 
Very soon I'll be showing off some more of her prints in the playroom (once I hang them, that is!) and then we'll be having a big, exciting giveaway from her -- so get ready! Yay for giveaways!
 Let's look more at the artwork. The photos really don't show off how cute they are.
And back to the bed area. 
These two guys - hippo and monkey - are Benjamin's most special toys. He is particularly attached to monkey. 
 Since the bed is placed so that it is opposite the built in bookcase (hard to tell in pics, but it makes the room look nice and balanced in real life) it is not centred on the wall. We knew we wanted some art to balance it all out and these two canvas prints from HomeSense work well. The dog one was from the clearance section for around $10 because the canvas was coming unstapled, but that took about 3 seconds to fix. 
 Isn't this I love you to the moon and back print the cutest? It is by none other than the amazingly talented blogger Lindsay of Aubrey and Lindsay's Little House Blog. I scored it for under $20 at HomeSense. I LOOOOVE it. 
Benjamin does too. He points at it and says "Moom" (meaning moon. Right now that boy loves to find that moon in the sky at night time and likes to say goodnight to it. Too cute). 
 Lindsay has a fantastic shop and tons of amazing, customizable children's art print, as well as stationery and custom stamps and all kinds of other goodies. If you haven't visited the Penny Paper Co. before you totally should! Obviously, I'm a big fan. 

On the opposite wall is this big print of Ben on a beach in Florida when he was little. 
(You might recall it from this post). 

Under the window we have a hand-me-down bench from my sister Alicia -- which is about 15 years old but in great shape. Even the baskets are original to the bench. Ben likes to sit up here and watch cars drive by. He is obsessed with cars right now. 
I'm thinking of making a little cushion for the top of it to finish it off.
And of course we are desperately in need of window treatments. This is really high on my priority list but thus far budget doesn't agree with what I'm envisioning. Will keep you posted on what direction we end up going here. 
 I am also figuring out where to hang these hot air balloons, which you may remember from his nursery.
 The other mobile hangs by the window near his change table. 
 And this is the view from that window (our backyard -- obviously unstaged haha). 
 I'll have to do a post soon on how we organized Ben's room. Since there is no closet I had to be quite strategic, and we've finally figured out a really easy way to keep everything neat and organized. 
Once the room is actually completed, I'll do a post with all of the sources and some before and after photo comparisons. It's come a long way from this (You can see all the glorious before photos here if you'd like):


  1. Ben's room is so cute!! I love that you put the bed right on the floor. Great idea for a little guy. Where did you get his sheets? My son would love them!!

    1. The sheets are from HomeSense (the Canadian version of Home Goods). You can see the brand/packaging in this post,
      which may be helpful! Also, after a few washes I'm very pleasantly surprised at how soft they are. I bought them for the print (he is in a big car phase) but they are way better quality than I anticipated!


    2. Thanks! I live close to a homegoods, so I'll keep my eye out. My son is still in a crib. He flops around like a fish so I think it will be that way for a while!

  2. You've done a wonderful job, I'm sure Ben will have sweet dreams in his new room.

  3. Well done! Love the striped duvet and all the fun artwork

  4. Oh how fun, I love the stripes and all the angels of the room make it so interesting. I am sure he is loving his room. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  5. What a cute room! I love the grey and white stripes on the bed! I'm wanting to re-do our boys' room and am gathering ideas! I love what you did!

    Rachel from

  6. OH my this is adorable too!

  7. Wow! That is beautiful! And so cozy feeling! Thanks for sharing.
    Madalyn @

  8. This room is adorable! I love his bed, and all the art.

  9. Wow his room is so great! We had the long dresser as a changer too, the heigh is perfect and tons of storage. {}

  10. Such a great room! I love all the little details and organization you have incorporated in it. :)

  11. Where are the two little reading chairs from? I am looking for some for my daughter's room. Thanks!

  12. Would you mind please telling me where you got the reading chairs? They look so cozy and lovely, I just know my son would love to have one like that in his room! Thanks so much for your time!


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