Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Dream Foyer - Carmel from Our Fifth House

  Hi guys. We are settling into life with the newest member of the family and feeling very fortunate. As I take a short blogging break to focus on that, I am very excited to kick off my guest blogger series today with Carmel from Our Fifth House. Carmel's blog is fun and full of inspiring ideas. I just love her home. And her blog. If you aren't familiar with her yet, hop on over for a visit. And if you're here on Simcoe Street via Carmel's Blog, welcome and thanks for visiting! 

Anyway, I love what Carmel had to share with us about her home and what she loves about it. Enjoy!

Hi all, I'm Carmel from Our Fifth House!

I'm so honored Jenny asked me to participate in this series.  In a diy/design world where we are always dreaming about that next project it's so refreshing to stop and be thankful for what we've already done, and more importantly what we already have.

After moving around for over 10 years and having lived in 4 other homes finally feeling somewhat settled in our 5th house is so nice.  We never say that we won't move again - because my hub and I are wanderers at heart, but for the time being we feel pretty certain that we'll be living right here in the bluegrass for at least longer than the next 5 minutes.  ;)

Our current home is my dream home because it has an actual entry foyer.  Every home I've lived in before this house hasn't had much of a foyer.  While from experience I know that a foyer isn't all that big of deal and is kind of a big waste of space, it's super fantastic to actually have an entrance foyer to greet our guests!

I wanted to really make a statement, and an entry foyer is such a great place to play with color!  I used magnetic primer and chalkboard paint to create a little message wall that I like to change up for the holidays.  The gold chair was a thrifted find that I spray painted.

This is how the space looked last Christmas when I turned a bunch of vintage earrings into magnets to use as ornaments on my chalkboard tree.

framed chalkboard tree with vintage clip-on earring ornaments

Going up the staircase........


I had our painter friend paint the treads and hand rail black.  I framed black and white pics of our old houses going up the stairs to let our walls tell our story

Since we don't have a coat closet, I created a drop spot

And I chose to go black on the front door.  



I love this space so much!  You can see more of our home here.  

Thanks so much Jenny for inviting me over!  


  1. Love Carmel's bold use of color. The the coat drop spot by the front door - and all the attention to detail is inspiring

  2. I just love Carmel, and her stunning entry :)

  3. Thanks again for inviting me over! Your new little bundle is oh so sweet - and May 21st is my boy's birthday!!

  4. I love the bold colours!! The entry is spectacular as well.

  5. Wow! Your fifth house looks really nice! So you're saying that you’re still open about moving out in the future? Awww! Oh well. Your current home is indeed a dream house, but if you find another that's so much better for you, why not right?

    Marjorie McKay

  6. Carmel’s fifth house is really beautiful! It has enough space for everyone to move around, a lovely interior design, and a good atmosphere that makes it comfortable to live in. Aside from that, it also leaves room for some ideas for small DIY reno projects and such. Thanks for sharing!

    Lois Becker @ Finlay Brewer


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