Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Small Kitchen Organization Upgrades

Yay! We've started to unpack and organize the kitchen! 
Today is just a quick post to show you a few details, with much more to come. 
I am getting ahead of myself, as I haven't really given you a proper tour of the kitchen in the new house yet. But we started unpacking that room, and sometimes the little projects you can finish quickly when you are a few months into a looooong renovation process are just too exciting, so I'm sharing a few kitchen updates anyway. Doing something from start to finish in a short period of time is just plain gratifying right now. 

I promise a full tour of the kitchen is coming up shortly. In truth, I actually didn't realize I hadn't shared it with you yet until sitting down to write this post. Whoops. 

The kitchen is a room we're doing basically nothing other than adding spackle, caulk, paint, more paint, and a lot of cleaning power. The room is otherwise pretty great. We did, however, opt to add a few small things from Ikea to help us stay organized. 

First, we added some drawers to our pantry cupboards. Most of the kitchen cupboards were already outfitted with great built-in organizers. The cupboard to the left of the fridge, however, had a huge empty space. Perhaps they stored a vacuum here or something, but for us it is wasted space. 
Here it is before:
 And with a few simple drawers, we were able to add storage. The spacing looks funny, but was done this way on purpose based on what we wanted to store in each. 
 For instance, one drawer holds all of our coffees and teas and below it in a very shallow drawer are our frequently used teacups. 
The other thing we bought at Ikea were these little white metal shelf things that expand the amount of space you have inside your cupboard. They are actually super cute in person and very functional. This cupboard houses our most frequently used plates, bowls. and mugs. 
We have the shelf things (I really ought to figure out what these are called) in a few other cupboards too. I highly recommend them if you are like me and sort of obsessed with dinnerware. It helps keep your stacks of things neat and organized.

Will snap photos of the other cupboards soon.We are still playing around with what is going to live where in the kitchen, but are happy to be getting boxes unpacked and the house is feeling more and more like ours. I'll give you the full run-down of how we organized everything soon. 

Moving day is definitely nearing. It will be great to live in the house (finally!) but living with my parents has been awesome and we'll miss it a lot. Thankfully, we're a very short drive away. 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here that my sister Christine, her husband Andrei, and our nephew Jack have also been living with my parents. I think Ben is going to miss Jack so much. Aren't they sweet together? For a few months now they've hung out all day, almost every day. He's going to miss seeing his best bud so often (I've been looking after Jack during the week while his parents are at school/work-- I'm going to miss him too!). As luck would have it, however, my sister just bought a beautiful house three blocks away from us. Hooray!! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't see them all the time. Life has a way of working things out so nicely sometimes. 
Anyway, just thought I'd share my little monkeys with you. 
I'm rambling though. Time for me to go to bed. Thank you for visiting!

See you soon :)


  1. The drawers are perfect and definitely so great for helping to keep things organized. I love the dish stacking shelves too, you are making great progress. The picture of the guys is just precious, so cute. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love all things organization. Isn't it nice having a spot for everything. Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you don't mind me popping back in every once and a while too.
    Erika @ Retropolitan

  3. Love your kitchen organization! And your two little ones are adorable!!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  4. white plates and mugs! a must for every kitchen i think :) beautiful kids you have!

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