Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paint Colours in the New House

I've had two emails asking me to list all of our paint colour choices in one spot, so I thought I'd go ahead and do just that today. (By the way, if you ever have questions or things you'd like to me post about, just let me know -- emails from you make me giddy). Today pro painters are finishing off the job at the house - painting much of the basement - and I can't wait for it to dry (and for the fumes to dissipate) so I can show you how it looks! 

So for those of you following along as we give our new (old) house a makeover, and for anyone contemplating colours for their own homes,here are our paint colour choices:

Kitchen/Living Room/Hallway walls - Popular Gray by Sherwin Williams
I consider this the perfect greige. It has a lot of grey in it but doesn't read as blue or purple, as I find many greys do. It also has enough beige in it to still feel really warm. It plays well with both greys and browns, and is a really safe, easy colour to work with.

Dining Room - Smoke by Benjamin Moore

This colour looks very blue in person because the room is flooded with natural light (one wall is almost all windows, one is a big sliding glass door to the deck, and one side is open to the kitchen). At night it is a bit moodier, with grey undertones that help tie it to the grey and greige walls on the rest of the main floor.

Master bedroom, Dressing Room (main floor) - Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore
One of my favourite blogs, Aubrey and Lindsay's Little House blog, shared that they used this colour in their master bedroom and I loved it. Remembering the mental note I'd made, I decided to try it out in our space and think it is perfect. It is similar to the Popular Grey colour we have in the main rooms and hallways, but different enough to give our room a slightly different feel.
Kids' Bedrooms - Cloud White by Benjamin Moore
This is probably my favourite white for walls. It is soft but not too creamy or too sterile. Perfect. If I could only choose one colour throughout my whole house I think it would be this. A crisp, clean neutral. It looks yellowy on my screen but not so in person. 

Nursery closet, inside of built-in bookcase - Gentle Blush by Benjamin Moore

Basement (playroom, office, guest room, rec room and hallway) - 
White Down by Benjamin Moore
Some rooms in our basement get lots of natural light, but most of it doesn't. For this reason, I wanted to stay away from whites with grey undertones and instead choose something with a touch of yellow in it. I find this kind of tricks you into feeling like the space is sunnier than it is. The colour is looking really fresh and warm down there. I think this is always a good basement choice.

All ceilings, plus bathroom walls- Decorator White by Benjamin Moore

All Trim - Dune White by Benjamin Moore
I wanted a slightly warmer white, not a stark white. This colour fit the bill!

Interior Doors - Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore
I love this charcoal for interior doors. Love love love love love it! We didn't want to go with black, too stark a contrast for our space (though the look is fabulous!). This charcoal makes our inexpensive doors look so much higher end. 

Basement Laundry Room - Whispering Spring by Benjamin Moore
This colour looks fresh, clean and subtly aqua-blue in the space. It might be my most favourite colour in the house.  

It is so amazing how much paint changes a space. The house featured lots of burgundy, yellow, green and purple colours before. This new colour palette makes it feel so much cleaner, newer, and more like us.

Jenny xo

P.S. We obviously like Benjamin Moore, but in case you wondered, I was in no way paid or perked to talk about their products. Just happen to love them, and their products are what I am most familiar with. Benjamin Moore has no idea who I am and this is NOT a sponsored post. 


  1. I've used three of those - Decorator White, Cloud White, and Smoke. I love the last two - Decorator White is kind of gray so it didn't work for me. I love your choices!

  2. Great colors! I am very interested to see how the blue (BM Smoke) looks in your Dining room. I don't have a 'go to' blue and am eager to see how this one looks.

  3. Oooh, I love the colors you've picked out! Beautiful. x

  4. House Paint Colors can be a difficult choice. You want your home to look nice, but you also need it to be relaxing. You have illustrated your points very beautifully. I enjoyed reading the blog.


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