Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Main Bathroom Sneak Peek

This week is insanely busy, so I only have a quick post for you today. 
I thought I'd share a sneak peek at how the main bathroom is coming along. Not even near a big finished "reveal" but we've made mega progress and I thought you might like an update (you can see all the before pics here). This iPhone pic will have to suffice.
As far as house progress goes this week, we have been moving in furniture, unpacking boxes... but no, we still aren't living there -- work is still going on and it wouldn't be the safest place for Benjamin (or for the baby and I - I'm now 32 weeks pregnant!). Specifically, we're finishing up projects like floor laying, painting, tiling, and electrical finishes, among other tiny details. Tomorrow we're also tackling a fun project in the office that I can't wait to show you. 

On top of all that, Benjamin and I are both sick and I am busy planning a big bash for this weekend. Matt turns 30 on Friday, and I've got a fun event in the works to celebrate his birthday. I'll share all the party details soon, too. 

Long story short -- I'm tired. And my to-do list is a mile long. But they are all exciting things and I'm feeling very excited about all the good stuff that is just around the corner now. At long last, we are legitimately getting close to moving in. I have soooo much to share on here, but right now feel like I need to just collapse and have a cup of tea before I get back to knocking items off the list. 
Be back soon with better posting, I promise :)

One last look at the bathroom, then 
and now:
More to come!

Jenny xo


  1. It's looking great Jenny! Much more fresh and modern.

  2. Get some rest, Jen and don't worry about blogging!!!

  3. My husband would kill for one of those shower heads... Love the finish choices! Looks great!

  4. ooohh....looking good. Reminds me of a European bath with just that half door/glass.

  5. So stylish even "as is". Happy b-day to Matt ... I have quite a few years on him but also just a few days, mine was Monday. Do take time for yourself right now, you as always have so much going on! When you do get time (the reveal post or maybe a super quick msg) I'd love to know the source / brand for the surround wall tile used ... I'm searching for an "elongated" subway tile for our kitchen ... been focusing on 2 x 8 ... yours looks larger but seems to be the right proportions ... so far I've only found 2 options so I'd love to know about another. Thanks!

  6. The updates are so much brighter and modern. I will look forward to seeing it when it is done. Take care of yourself!


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