Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Living Room Progress

 Slowly but surely, things are coming right along at the house.
Really slowly.
But I won't focus on that. Today I thought I'd give you a quick peek at a few living room updates. 
You can see all the before pics of this space here if you missed it.

Here is where we're at now:
We looked at a billion rug options and fell in love with plenty before deciding that budget and practicality meant we should use our old rug in here. It is not totally ideal in terms of size (it comes a tad closer to the barstools than I'd want) but we can live with it. The price is obviously right. And we know that this rug absorbs stains like no other (it has had everything from baby spit-up to red wine spilt all over it but seriously looks brand new). Since we are about to introduce baby #2 we figured this was pretty great. Plus, we don't want anything we will feel too fussed about (and rugs can be a big investment) with kids and parties and whatnot, so this one totally works. We didn't spend much on it in the first place, and won't feel super protective of it now. 
You can see the rug in our condo here

The sectional and white storage cabinets are new. And I loooove them.

For cabinets, I knew I wanted a wall of long, low storage with doors to hide our junk. We knew we'd sit the TV on top and then eventually create a little gallery wall around it (this is really the only wall to hang lots of art, and we have ideas for what we'd like to do with it one day). 
We looked at a billion options and settled on the Ikea Besta units.

For our measurements, we went with two double-doored units and one single door. We considered several door options and loved the high gloss white ones, but thought the ones pictured above would work best with our kitchen (which the room is totally open to). We added glass tops that ikea makes (they are for the "malm" but fit perfectly -- specifically we used one short one (which covered a double unit) and one long one (which covered the double and single together). The glass looks beautiful, helps it feel like one long unit and protects the surface of the cabinet. We also added chrome legs. In the pic there is a big gap, but that is only because we hadn't slid them into place yet. We were actually still working on changing out the electrical receptacles in behind at this time. So ignore that.
Here's a reminder of how it looked before:
And all that burgundy? Gone.
Now, everything has been painted a soothing "greige" colour. I wanted a grey that felt warm, and wanted to be sure it wouldn't read as blue or purple (so many greys seem to). We went with Popular Grey by Sherwin Williams for all the walls (and Benjamin Moore's Decorator White for the ceiling). Super happy with both! Here's the swatch of the Popular Grey. 
See how much paint brightens things up?
A quick side-by-side look at then and now:
I'll share more about other stuff in the room (the mix of old and new pillows, the new sectional) and of things we are working on that I hope to have done soon (window treatments, how we're organizing those cupboards, accessories, etc.) but for now thought I'd give you this mini update on the space. 

I'm heading back to bed with Benny now. Both of us are sick with pretty wicked coughs. Movie day for us :)

Jenny xo


  1. Hi Jenny! The living room looks great. Love the paint and new furniture and it all works so well with the rug you already had. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. That sectional is huge! It looks so comfy I just want to cozy up on it. I think all of your budget and design decisions are working well here. The paint makes a HUGE difference, so brighter! Feel better soon xo

  3. Love a rug that takes a lickin' and keeps on giving great style. The room looks so fresh, updated and comfy and doesn't resemble its previous self at all, such a nice transformation. Looks like you could be living there soon or maybe you already are! You and Ben snuggle, stay warm and feel better soon.

  4. Love the changes you've made. So much lighter and brighter! Great media unit idea - you'll love all that storage! Thanks for sharing, liz

  5. Major improvement! You've done great things with the room so far. And it's nice to see stylish yet practical choices. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  6. Great paint change choice! I just finished painting my living room with a brighter/lighter color and it's crazy how different the room is now.

  7. It's really looking great, Jenny! I know you must be so happy with your choices. I can't get over how much brighter the room is with the greige paint you selected, and the new sofa and the wall unit are the perfect choice. And I like the rug. I think you made the best choice there to keep it. XO

  8. It's looking great. I really like adding the glass top to the cabinets. It instantly brings it to the next level. Hope you and your sweetie feel better soon!

  9. Love the storage, love the rug, love the new colors - what an amazing change!!

  10. What a beautiful color you chose to paint the walls. So soothing and fresh. Looks like the progress is coming along well!

  11. The burgundy color gave a sophisticated ambiance to the room while the present shade lightened up the whole area. For my living room, I prefer to have a light shaded wall because it's a place for me to relax and loosen up. So once I step in the room, I’ll automatically feel the comforting vibe through that shade.

    Tristan German

  12. It's amazing what new paint can do! I personally love light colors on walls!

  13. you might want to look into having that rug cut to size and re-bound, it may a cheap alternative. Only some carpet places have all the tools to do it so call around. I only know this because we had new carpet put in and the nice man made us some mats from the bigger left over pieces.

  14. I thought burgundy looked nice. The warm color seemed relaxing to me. But I have to say that I love the lighter walls more. It's still soothing to the eyes, but it made the room look bigger and brighter. Great job! -Leeanne @ Master My List

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