Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Laundry and Storage Rooms (Before)

 Hello all,

Still a little under the weather here, but starting to feel better so should be back to more regular posting soon. In the mean time,  I thought I'd introduce you to two more spaces that we've been busily working on -- the basement laundry and storage rooms. Here's a look at these spaces before we got to work on them. 

First, so you have a sense of layout, here is the rec room in the basement (on the day we took possession). The door on the left was the storage room and the door on the right was the furnace/laundry room. 
I can't wait to show you how these rooms have changed. 
The storage room is actually now the laundry room, and the furnace/laundry room is now furnace/storage. There is a long story behind it that all boils down to one thing: severe black mould. It has probably been the biggest hiccup in our whole reno and the reason we are so behind. In the end, we're happy with how things are coming together. I'll give you the whole run-down on what we did and why shortly. Today, just the before pics should be enough to scare you :) 

First up, the basement laundry/furnace room.
Five days before we closed on the house, the old furnace broke. Happily, we have a brand new high efficiency furnace. 
Anyway, back to the before photos:


Wires, wires everywhere! Many (and I mean many) of which turned out to be old phone lines. Weird.

Next, the basement storage room:

On the plus side, two windows let in a surprising amount of light. 
However, that stained ceiling was made of asbestos tiles that had to be removed (we knew about this based on our home inspection). Underneath, we unearthed a major black mould problem. This was a surprise to us. It turned out to be in the insulation, walls, and even the studs. The whole room had to be stripped down to the concrete walls behind and totally redone. 
 Basic old concrete floors, which we had planned to paint but ended up going another way -- more on that soon. 
 Odd choices from the previous homeowners, like this door bolted to the wall (with nothing behind it, and serving no purpose whatsoever that we could tell). 
 Lots of holes and whatnot in the ceiling. 
 A little nook in one side, where they had installed a lone shelf. 
 This shelving concealed where the mould might have been visible. It was in bad shape, with lots of nails sticking out. 
 A few more photos of the space:
 (Below is the side of the shelving unit, ick!) 
 I'll leave you with this beauty shot. It is how the storage room looked on the day of our home inspection. This room, as I mentioned, is now our laundry room. It is very much a work in progress (and will be for some time) but I am already psyched to show you how it has changed. 
More on the rest of the house, as well as Matt's 30th birthday this past weekend, coming up soon!

Jenny xo


  1. The mould does look nasty. The basement looks like it has good bones though - high enough ceilings and big windows that let in lots of light. Having those basics will make any work you had to do on the basement worthwhile in the long run

  2. You gotta love those little surprises that pop up during a reno. Yikes! Looking forward to your progress shots.

  3. When I saw that first picture I thought THAT was your laundry room (i usually look before i read....) and I was totally jealous! Excited to see what you have done with them....looks like A LOT of work!

  4. O MY GOSH. You're right, this does scare me. I love that you've got serious vision. I can see the potential in these spaces, but most home buyers would have said 'NEXT!'. Kudos to you! Can't wait to see the progress.


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