Thursday, April 4, 2013

Collecting Original Art While Traveling

 We are continuing to make some baby steps toward progress in the playroom. Today I thought I'd share one small piece of artwork we are going to work into the space (unless I change my mind and put it up in Benjamin's bedroom). 

Last May, Matt, Benjamin and I were in Hawaii when Matt and I decided we would like to buy small, affordable pieces of original artwork for Ben (and for ourselves, though we haven't yet) when we are on very special trips together. With a small budget, you can find great stuff by local artists when you travel. It is especially good if you are overly-sentimental like I am. Whenever I see this little surfing puppy, I think of the amazing time we all had in Hawaii. I am not big on most souvenirs, but I think art is always a good way to commemorate your travels and bring the trip home with you. 
It was $15 to buy the painting, titled "Cruisin'" (I forget the artist's name and can't read the signature -- oops). It came with a white mat, measuring 8x10. I stupidly left it in the plastic sleeve to photograph it, so some of the detail is lost, but I think you get the idea.
Anyway... before popping it in a cheapo frame from Michael's for the playroom, I wrote on the back with a regular sharpie pen.  I kept it very brief but you could write something much longer (maybe memories of the trip?) if that suited you better. I'm a simple girl I guess. 
And now it sits in one of several piles of artwork and other stuff, waiting to be hung. Sigh.
Speaking of waiting to be hung, this is a bit random, but I also recently bought this wall clock ($7.99) from Target Canada. (In the US, you can buy it here). The raised white-on-white numbers are really cute in real life. 
Can't wait to show you the playroom once we put some stuff up on the walls.
If you missed it, here is a glimpse of how the room is looking. New wood floors, fresh wall paint, some added drywall, a big shelving unit and some other small furniture are starting to come together.
Visit this post for tons more photos and details on this space.
And lastly, since the little surfing dog is making me reminisce, here's a family shot from the trip. 
Note to self: Could be fun to include a photo of the family on the trip hidden inside the frame next to the note about it. It will help us remember just how small he was when we bought it! 
Do you buy artwork on your travels? Or maybe you collect plates or thimbles or seashells or something else? I'd love to hear about it :)

Jenny xo


  1. That's a great idea, Jenny! So much better than the junk we come home with that quickly makes it into the next garage sale.

  2. I LOVE buying art when we are travelling. We have pieces up all over our house that remind me of places we have been (although it usually just makes me want to go back!!). Love the idea of buying pieces for Ben.

  3. I totally agree. And buying more small pieces is more affordable than one huge piece, too! PS- your family pic is great!

  4. You will be so glad you did. We too have purchased artwork in our travels and I just love remembering those trips as I wander through the house. Beautiful family picture...happily following!!

  5. Wow! That looks fabulous. I love the color really "pops"!

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