Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ben's New Room - Mini Update

Here is a peek at how one side of Benjamin's room is starting to come together. We love this little area for reading or just hanging out. 
This is how that wall looked before. You can also see in the photo above the new rug we added to the room (real all about our rug find right here) and the chairs and some artwork from his nursery in our first home (see the house tour here). Anyway here is a before pic:
 This is the light fixture (hard to tell in this photo, but it is huge!) we put up to replace to falling-off-the-ceiling ceiling fan. Such a major improvement. It is neutral enough that it doesn't steal focus from the rest of the room, and yet feels like a statement piece. I love it. 
Here is the fan, before (with the sellers' belongings. We definitely don't have a big TV in our not quite two year old's bedroom). 
I can't wait to take better photos so you can see how truly awesome the new light is. And how the whole rest of the room has come together!

I was hoping to have lots of great, quality pics for you today, but these few iPhone ones will have to suffice. A quick personal update: I mentioned back pain last week, and how that was slowing me down. A doctor visit confirmed what I was worried had happened -- a silly injury has resulted in a fractured rib on my right side. Since I'm just about 35 weeks pregnant, and busily trying to set up a new house, the timing kind of sucks. I've had a few very tough days (the combo of moving, trying to help Ben adjust to a lot of big changes, the injury, the restrictions from the injury, and other stuff made life a lot less fun than usual), but things are looking up. 

The rib will take a bit of time to heal (and in the mean time I am working hard at being patient, resting, and resisting the urge to organize and hang art and shuffle things around). But, I am already feeling better than I did on Friday. My mother-in-law, mom, and sister, and especially my amazing husband, have been extremely helpful (since I can't lift Benjamin at all). I also finally have internet, which makes me ridiculously happy. 

So, now that I'm back online, when I have a few minutes and am feeling good I'll walk around the house and snap some photos of how things are looking. The two iPhone pics I'm sharing today really aren't cutting it. We aren't close to having rooms all done yet, but I am excited to show you the progress we've made and the things we're thinking about, design-wise. It is so great to be living in the house and is really starting to feel like our home. 

Big hugs, and way better posts coming your way ASAP. 
Thank you for your patience :)

Jenny xo


  1. Now you listen to Aunt Julie and take it easy, the house can wait for the extras!!

  2. Girl, we can wait on pictures. Slow down and get yourself better!

  3. Feel better, my sweet friend. We can wait to see pics. We will be here when you are up and at 'em again. Take care of you and that new baby. That comes first!



  4. Goodness--I hope you feel better soon! Ben's room is looking good!

  5. Gosh - I hope you feel better soon. Your son's room is looking amazing. Love the kid sized chairs in the reading area.

  6. Get well soon and don't worry about the iPhone photos – the new light looks great even in those!


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