Monday, April 22, 2013

Basement TV Room and Guest Room - Before

I think the only remaining "before" parts of the house are the basement rec/TV room and the basement guest room. 

But first, an update. We are finally, FINALLY moving in this week! Wednesday to be exact. Crossing our fingers and knocking on wood that nothing derails us this time around. My posting and responding to questions/comments may be a tad sporadic (we don't have internet or anything set up yet there, and I will be busy babyproofing today and tomorrow and getting a few things ready). Also, while I'm updating, our brand new dryer doesn't work -- such a bummer -- so I'll be sorting that out. Add another item to the to-do list. It feels like it is growing instead of shrinking. But from now on at least we'll be living there! Yay! Anyway, enough rambling. 

These are the last before pics for me to share, and from here on out is will be all progress and maybe even some semi-finished spaces soon! Yay!

Okay, here is the guest room, before (on the day we took possession):
The carpet was in awful shape (and glued directly to the cement floor, as well as the on 3/4 sideswall). 
The walls themselves are old panelling (that had been painted). 
The details of the space were rougher in person than the pictures illustrate. Take the outlets, for instance. Yikes!
And the lighting and window treatments left something to be desired...

Here is the view from the other side of the room back to the door. The door had an exterior door lock on it. Weird. 

And here is the main rec/TV room in the basement. You've seen glimpses of this space before, but just so I've officially given you the tour of the before, I thought I'd include all the pics in one spot today. 
With the previous owners' belongings, here it is:
 (The the left is the old storage room [now the laundry room] with the furnace room to the right of their TV above)
 The ceiling fan didn't work, and we later learned why -- what an electrical bad-DIY mess it was inside! This ceiling ended up looking like swiss cheese as we searched for old electrical and replaced it all. Ugh. But now it is safe! 
 And here is the room empty on the day we took possession.
 Patching and paint galore, new floors, and some other changes are turning these rooms around. 
Will be back to show you soon!

Jenny xo


  1. Good luck with the move, Jenny. Here's to hoping all goes as planned!

  2. Wow - those are some plaid couches the previous owners had. Hope your move goes well :)

  3. Good luck---I hope it all went smoothly! I'm sitting in the dark because all our lamps are packed, and my husband is off to the hardware store before it closes for another wrench because we cannot get the washer and dryer unhooked. (I will be so happy when moving is over.) I can't wait to see your afters, although it seems like you've made a ton of progress already!


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