Friday, March 1, 2013

Playroom Mood Board and Updated Plans

Progress continues throughout the house. The latest update has to do with the playroom, and it is kind of a weird one. I bought something very unlike what I usually choose. 

To see the playroom before (warning: not pretty) check out this post

First, here is a rough sense of what I want to put into the space in the form of a mood board. In addition, there'll be a low shelving unit (a hand me down that lived in my younger sister's room about 15 years ago) and some more storage bins and of course loads of toys. 
It is also possible we'll use a light blue rug that we already have instead of buying the one pictured above (which is the Magical Thinking Giant Dot Rug from Urban Outfitters, available here, if you were curious). The budget for this room, after all, is very very small. 

We will also go through art we already have and consider some DIY options before buying any new prints from etsy. Definitely will use the alphabet free printable (from Mr. Printables. Lots more free children's art prints in this roundup if you're in the market for some free artwork yourself). 
The other ones I included in the mood board can be seen a little better here, plus a few extra ones. I have no idea if we'll actually go with any of these but it gives you a sense of the feel we want.
Since the light and storage bins could easily become too "animal-themed" (and I don't want to be stuck with a strict theme) I will make sure the art includes a mix of cars/creatures/word art/city images/etc. Plus some family photos, which will live in animal-shaped frames we have from Ben's old room.
Sources, Top Row: monkeys, whales, giraffe, fish (already own it, was in Ben's nursery)

And (although I know I just said I don't want it to be too animal themed) we are also thinking of including some of my absolute fave kids' room art: Photos from the Animal Print Shop.  These will be going in Ben's new room though, so not sure if we'll also include a couple in the playroom. Time will tell...

Anyway, enough chatter about hypothetical artwork already.
Here is our grand to do list for this room. 

1. Finish the drywall (i.e. drywall over weird exposed beam).
2. Remove old carpet.
3. Install new laminate wood flooring.
4. Install new baseboards and quarter round.
5. Paint the walls
6. Paint the trim, baseboards.
7. Add a window treatment (possibly a fun DIY no-sew faux roman shade).
8. Buy and assemble an ikea Expedit shelving unit (this one, though we've been stalking craigslist in hopes of finding a discounted one). Secure it to the wall. 
9. DIY/Buy a play table and 2-4 play chairs (you can see what we chose here)
10. Gather/make/buy artwork (see above for way too much detail about this)
11. Hang artwork
12. Unpack and organize the toys 
13. Paint the weird little closets/under-the-stairs-nooks/crawlspace to look like little houses. 
14. Add a rug for softness (after all, this is where little ones play)
15. Add a new light fixture
16. Fix the weird outlet/exposed wire inside the little closets (this happened immediately)
17. Child-proof the outlets in the room
18. Replace the broken light switch cover

Am I missing anything? Hope not, but feel like I might be...

Regarding #15, and (finally -- this has been a long post) getting back to my weird purchase...
Did you notice that crazy light fixture in the mood board? Yeah, I totally bought that from a local lighting place.  
Usually, I like to choose tailored, sophisticated light fixtures. For the playroom I bought the total opposite. It is a crazy, tacky, colourful fixture. It was a total impulse buy... a discounted, last-one-in-the-store floor model. Maybe I can blame pregnancy hormones. But Ben loves it. And I love seeing him point at the animals and try and name them (he has a real thing for horses right now, and zebras count as horses in his world). Since the playroom is all about kids and fun, I figured I could let go of the tailored white drum shade I had planned on for this space and go the monkey/giraffe/zebra route instead. In person, it is actually really fun and, for lack of a less pretentious-sounding word, whimsical.

The light is up now, so all I have to do is snap some pics and upload them. The iPhone ones just aren't doing it and, since I just bought a new camera, I'm planning to head over tonight armed with my Canon Rebel and a (decaf) coffee to take lots of pictures of everything going on there to share with you. Check back soon for lots of progress updates!

If you missed it earlier, here is a snippet of how the room has changed. Can't wait to share more about how the space (and the rest of the house) is coming along.

From this:
With new flooring, to this. Progress! Sorry about the iPhone pic, better ones coming asap:
See all the before pics here and check back shortly for more progress pics!

So, what do you think of our plans?
Happy Friday!


  1. So glad you're having fun with the playroom decor, breaking all the grown-up rules with that happy light fixture. And I hope you'll be able to get the "magical thinking" rug if for no other reason than it's super-inspiring name for a kids space (but I love those large dots too).

  2. The playroom ideas are looking amazing. I'm in love with that polka dotted rug!

  3. I love the combination of the colors and styles! I love it!
    Found you on Coastal Charm linky party!

  4. I love all your plans and what you've done! I think your playroom is going to turn out really great. :)

  5. Your playroom ideas look amazing. I LOVE the artwork!


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