Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nursery Progress - Furniture Layout

We are far, far away from finishing up the nursery for baby girl. 
But we have made progress since I last showed you the room (here) so I thought I'd share the latest updates. Mainly, we've figured out how we think we'll lay out her furniture (and we haven't had to buy a single new piece!). Baby steps (no pun intended). 
If you were hoping for more developments in the basement bath, rest assured they are coming! I so appreciate your comments and emails about it!
You may recognize everything in here from Benjamin's nursery in our condo

Excuse the plastic bags covering the chair. Our house has been dusty (visit here to see what I mean). 
We've been debating how to set up the nursery, essentially needing to choose either what looks the best, or what works the best. 
We are going with the latter, evidenced in the photos above. 

Let me explain. The room is a good size, but we knew we wanted to include a crib, chair for nursing, table for next to the chair, dresser, and bookcase. The room also has a built in bookcase, as you may recall from a tour of the space. Add to that a big window, closet door, and entry door, and the options for layout are limited. It is easy to make this space feel squishy. 

Now add a single bed. 

Sound like it will look too cramped? It kind of does. But we're rolling with it anyway. 
Oh, and apologies for such dark photos. Between Benjamin, my nephew Jack (who I've been looking after a lot during the week), Matt's work schedule, and renovations, it seems the only time for me to have a moment alone to take a few photos is at 10:30 pm. Not ideal obviously for photos, but better than nothing!
The view from the other side of the room. The bookcase looks funny in the pic but in real life is pretty hidden unless you're on this side of the room.  I'll take a better pic so it looks less weird. It's not weird or too squishy in person. I'll also try not to do it at night time and to remove the garbage and cardboard from the floor. Yikes. 
So anyway, why add a single bed? Wouldn't the room be airier and prettier without it? (Yes, yes it would). I think our reasoning would take a whole post on babies and sleep and what works for us -- and what doesn't. 
Suffice to say that sleep has always been a challenge with Ben. There are some things we want to do similarly with the next baby, and a few tweaks we think might be necessary for allowing everyone to get some shut eye now and then. Ben still doesn't sleep through the night, especially if he is in his own bed. For months now we've been staying with my parents -- first, after we sold our condo and waited to close on the house. And now while we get the house ready to move in. It has been really fun and all, but the three of us in one little room hasn't exactly fostered Ben's ability to sleep alone. We have high hopes for helping him learn better sleep skills in the new house, but we'll be adding a newborn into the mix almost right away too. So, without rambling on too much more about it, for about a billion boring reasons, we think we need a bed in there. Stylish, well-designed, pretty? No. Functional? Heck yes.  

AND, we actually have a beautiful vintage wrought iron white bed with little bunnies on it, which lived in a few of my sisters' rooms over the years a decade or so ago. I love it, and think we can make it look great in here. Plus, it's free :)  

Now of course I'm on the hunt for cute twin-sized bedding and crib sheets to coordinate. The crib skirt (from Ben's room) is a grey one from RH Baby and Child, so maybe something that goes nicely with that. Will keep you posted! Here's one I quite like, which I'd pair with some grey, cream, and/or white throw pillows and sheets...
First though I'm going to nail down window treatments and crib bedding.

A few other minor updates to the room to share right now. I found this cute little doggy hook in the pet section of HomeSense. It is meant to hold leashes. I thought it would be fun for kids though (it was originally for Ben, but I liked it better in here), and was $5. I put it up on the inside of the closet door using command strips (to avoid damaging the door). 
And, I've finally found a fixture to replace that ugly light. With budget and major size constraints (the ceilings are not high, and I really really wanted a chandelier, something with an antique feel and real crystals and a touch of pink -- oh, and the pink is actually way less bold than it looks in this pic) finding a light was no easy feat. It's not up yet, but here is a glimpse of it (in the box, surrounded by cardboard -- lovely, right?). More on the light when it goes up, hopefully very soon! It was a floor model which was lucky, and saved me about 40%. Hoorah! 
To see how the nursery started out, visit this post for all the before pics, like this one:
More about installing the new floors and painting the walls here.
And you can read about painting the closet pink right here if you missed it.

Before I go, just for fun, I also snapped this pic of our dining room when I was there last night taking photos. Everyone wants a room filled with random stuff from all over the house that is hanging out avoiding drywall dust, right? Hopefully soon we will be more settled. I am just dying to unpack everything and live there already....



  1. I completely understand your sleeping situation. My son has always slept in my room. First in a playpen then in the actual bed. With my next one I will definitely be trying a different approach :)

  2. I love anything with a dog motif and the little polka dot dog door hanger is so cute. Could just see a glimpse of pink baubles peeking out from the fixture packaging and it looks like such a sweet chandy. I know you must just want to rip open those boxes and get this moving in thing going!

  3. The room is really coming along. Shame, you can't put the bed under the window and make it look like a daybed. When our first was really little, we had a double bed in her room and it made the whole getting dressed process so much easier! Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing, liz

  4. The nursery is going to be so pretty! The room reminds me of my firstborn's nursery in our first house. It was a Cape Cod style with dormers so we had the sloping ceilings too. They are challenging to work with, but so charming! My son is Benjamin (Ben) too! Love the chandelier and I totally get having a bed in the room. It is just so much easier for nursing and sleepless newborn nights.

  5. Hello! Since you stopped by yesterday, I thought I'd do the same! Wow it looks like you are in the middle of a lot of work :) It's looking great and will be so fun to see it all come together.

    ps. I'm with you on function over form, but I think this room is definitely going to have both by the time you finish it!

  6. I just love dormer bedrooms - and this is going to be spectacular when you're finished - love the little peak of the chandelier!
    Your newest follower - would love a follow back when you have the time!

  7. Loved the bedrooms..:)
    M eager to watch the new transformed look

    Android Developer

  8. Loving the new home. I cant wait to see the transformed rooms. :)


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