Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nursery & Playroom Progress Updates

Hi there,
Snapped a few photos at the new house last night. Learned a few things. 
First, 10:30 pm does not make for good natural light in photos. Duh.
Second, one should learn to use their camera before just heading out to capture something with it (the photos are really not great... boo). Again, duh.
Third, I am ridiculously excited to be getting very close to the moving in stage. So excited I literally cannot sleep. SO EXCITED! 

Anyway, here are a few quick photo updates for you. I snapped pics of all of the rooms and will edit through them and share those over the next little bit (along with the before pics I haven't shown you yet). Today, let me give you a mini update on the nursery and playroom.

The nursery. Can I call this progress? Well, it's better than where we started (see all the before pics here).
 The good thing is we have moved in all of her furniture (which was all in Benjamin's nursery in the condo, which you can see on our first house tour page here or in this post, and this post). The bad thing is it looks like a hot mess. Loving the floors though (more on that here).

The pink is dried and looking great inside of the little closet. There is no light in the closet, so it is hard to get a good photo and capture the true colour. It is very soft, a pink that feels like it has both cream and grey mixed in but is not too pepto, purple, or fleshy. Softer than how it looks in these photos. I love having a pop of colour when you open the door. 
The other side of the closet:
 Here is what the closet looked like before:
This is the colour, for those interested (by Benjamin Moore). It's hard to find a good soft pink.
Anyway, couldn't get great shots for you as the room is just filled with a pile of stuff. 
Like so:
(The little cradle will actually go in our room).

And the playroom. A few days ago we just had a work light hanging, waiting for a new fixture. Excuse the iPhone pic.
(You can see all of the playroom before pictures right here if you missed them and want to see how the room has transformed).
 This was the old fixture. Two of four lights were not functional.
And here is our new crazy one. Sorry it is the worst photo ever. And the only one I took, ugh. 
You can see how it will work into the plans here, with our playroom mood board.

That's all for now. I'm off to Staples to print some free artwork (shown in this post). 
See you soon!


  1. I want that animal light fixture for my room! and I'm a grown up

  2. Such a pretty pale pink...can't wait to see it in the room!

  3. Wow, that closet looks a million times better than it did before! Before, it looked kind of...gross. I'm so excited to see everything your'e going to do to your house. (I'm going to admit that I totally read all of your posts about your old apartment and about this new house today. I just found your blog and I love it!)


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