Friday, March 22, 2013

New hooks for Benjamin's Room

In the kids' rooms in the new house we have lots of whites, creams, and greys happening, as well as other colours in smaller doses. I love the layering of different shades of white and cream but think that different textures -- wood, metal, fluffy rugs -- are important in keeping it from feeling to "clean" for a child's space (or any space). Anyway,I was on the lookout for hooks for Benjamin's new room for when we have wet towels after the bath (I'd like to pretend we'll carry 'em back downstairs and hang them in the bathroom, but after a year and a half of having towels draped over his door in our old condo, I know us better than that). These ones from Anthrpologie (here) were a mini-splurge, but so perfect. They're a bit worn and rustic and very substantial in person. I debated just getting a B, or getting his monogram (BGM), but instead chose to just go with what we call him most -- "Ben." They are pictured here just hanging out on the kitchen counter (yay butcher block!) but I'll show you how the look in the room once they're up and it all comes together. 

Have you indulged in any mini (or mega) splurges lately?

Happy weekend!

Jenny xo

P.S. Have I mentioned that we now live really close (as in walking distance) from Anthropologie? There's actually so many great shops in our town. Awesome, but so dangerous! 

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  1. Hi Jennifer and thank so much for coming over to my blog birthday today ;) It's so nice to meet you! And yes I have indulged in a mega splurge lately which was my quartz countertop.

  2. Cute, cute! I love the freshness of moving. Everything seems new again.

  3. Hello there! I just discovered your blog. I am currently catching up on your achieves hehe
    I love how much progress you have made on your home. I’m a beginner blogger as-well, please check it out if you have a spare moment  Our styles sound pretty similar in terms of layering whites and other neutrals, in fact that is pretty much my favourite look ever!

  4. Love these hooks! I am sure they will look adorable in Ben's new room.


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