Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Main Floor Bedrooms (Before)

Today I wanted to give you a quick tour of the two bedroom on the main floor of our new house. These rooms are both relatively small, and unfortunately we don't have much in the plans/budget at this point for fixing them up. One day, however, we'll make them really special. For now, you can expect some simple, very low-budget changes in these spaces. 

The first room is to be our master bedroom. The second, smaller room is to be our "dressing room" or big walk in closet. This is pretty great, since old houses like ours tend not to have much in the way of closet space. Though the bedroom layouts initially didn't seem ideal, we think the way we are planning to use the space actuallay makes a lot of sense for us as a family in the end.

(As a reminder -- there are two bedrooms on the upper floor -- Benjamin's room and the new nursery. There are also these two main floor bedrooms, and three extra bedrooms in the basement - which we're using as the playroom, office, and guest bedroom. Space was the main reason we loved this house, which I mentioned when I first posted about buying the house right here [it is a lot bigger than most things in our price range in the area] but figuring out how to make the layout work took some creativity). 

Anyway, I'll let the photos do the touring for me. 

Lots of reno progress on the rest of the house happening, so apologies if I'm not responding to questions or comments as quickly as usual. Update pics to come soon!

Master Bedroom - Before
(with previous owners' belongings)

 On the day we took possession:
 We do not plan to do anything to these very beat up floors right now. They cannot be easily refinished (they are old, with gaps and nail popping, so it would be extremely expensive) and new floors aren't in the current budget. We're thinking they may be candidates for a paint job in the future.
 The curtains desperately need replacing. Truth be told, however, they are still hanging in there right now. Ugh. 
 Small closet:
 Stickers everywhere!
And lots of unfinished details, like the paint job inside the closet.
 I haven't really done much in the way of planning for this space, but hope to turn it into a little escape for Matt and I. We really didn't love our bedroom in our first home as it always felt cramped and cluttered. Hopefully this one will be different! The next room on our tour should help with that...

The Dressing Room (Before)
 The paint job was poorly done and easily scratching off everywhere. Stripping and sanding it down and redoing it isn't fun, but totally necessary to clean the space up. 
 And simple things like making all the outlets/switches match should help too. 
And again new window treatments. Yikes.
And that completes the tour of the main floor bedrooms!

Hopefully I'll have some sort of progress in these rooms to share soon. 

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  1. It is going to be great when you get it all done! The hardwood floors are really beautiful.


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