Thursday, March 28, 2013

Main Floor Bathroom (Before)

Lots of exciting work is happening at the house, but in truth I am hitting that point of being sooooo desperate to move in already. I know you can't rush a good thing, but have also learned that it is true when people tell you a reno will take twice as long as you think it will. Such a bummer. But I'll save my whining. 

Fortunately, we are making really good progress on the main bathroom of the house, so I thought it was high time I shared the before pics of this space. 
If you missed checking out the other bathroom, check out the before pics and design/progress posts. To see more of our main floor, check out the bedrooms here.

Like much of the main floor, this room sported some very burgundy walls. 
 It also featured a window (a) against code in terms of its placement and (b) rotting/showing major black mould (a home inspection revealed that this was also behind the white ceramic tiles, so we'd have to gut this whole space just for safety, though we'd have done it anyway for aesthetics). 
See the nastiness on the window? Hard to tell in this iPhone pic, but trust me it was icky. The mould was painted over, probably when they opted to show the house. But it was still readily apparent to our inspector.
 Don't feel bad about us ripping out all those tiles and whatnot, either. They had seen better days...
 And the fixtures,  though funcitonal, just weren't what I envisioned. 
 This sink was actually in good shape, but since this is our main bath I knew a pedestal sink wouldn't do it for us storage wise. Say hello to craigslist, mr. sink. 
 In the pic above you can also see the vinyl flooring. During demo we found this really easily came out as it was only glued down around the edges. Score! 

The mirror and light we've saved, to either use someplace else, donate, or craigslist. Time will tell. 
 And the toilet (sorry -- this photo is refusing to rotate!) is getting a good cleaning and then being popped right back in. Since it is relatively new, clean, and white, just like the basement bathroom, this one is staying put. Hooray for reusing and saving some money!
 I'll be back soon to share updates on how the space is looking and tell you all about our plans for this little room, but for now let me tell you my favourite parts: white and grey marble, polished chrome, white subway tiles, a vanity with drawers, and a rain shower head. So exciting! 

Jenny xo

P.S. Robin kindly let me know that, since I switched to Google+, my posts were "hidden" in her Google Reader feed. Yikes! I suck at technology and have so little time at the computer these days that I have opted to switch back for now. Hopefully this fixes things up. Can you tell me if this post appeared in your reader today? I am also looking into Feedly and Bloglovin' for myself and exploring ways to make it easier for readers to keep up with things on Simcoe Street. Suggestions welcome! I am also contemplating hiring out for a blog redesign -- the technical side of things is not my forte - - but given the state of my house the idea of pulling apart the blog is a bit too much right now. Still, if you have any recommendations, I'm all ears!


  1. Hi Jenny! This post appeared in my reader. I'm so excited to see all of the changes to this bathroom!

  2. I read all my blogs in bloglovin and it showed up just fine! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the bathroom...that window sill is/was gross!

  3. I love all the posts about your renovations- can't wait to see what the bathroom will look like!
    The post appeared in my Google Reader.

  4. Hi Jenny! I will look forward to your after pics of the bathroom! At least there are some things that can be salvaged. I am also a novice with the technology and will have to figure out all the stuff related to Google Reader going bye bye this summer. It all takes time and patience, doesn't it?

  5. So looking forward to the transformation Jenny - I need to renovate my bathroom badly!
    Happy Easter - hugs,

  6. Hi - this post appeared fine in my reader. Am eagerly awaiting the after pics :) Are you living in the house now or waiting until the reno is done? I can understand how either way you would be keen to get it done.

  7. Wow--you guys are doing a ton of work! Old houses always have weird stuff you aren't expecting. Congratulations on the new house, its looking fantastic.

  8. Hi Jeremy – I honestly don't understand Google plus - as much as I try, I just don't get it. Anyway, I am very excited to see your finished projects!

  9. I can't wait to see it all done. I know you will be excited. :-)

    Sending you hugs across the miles for a Happy Easter...




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