Thursday, March 7, 2013

Home Office Update - New Furniture & Our To Do List

Thanks for all of your kind words about the changes we've made to the home office so far (which you can see here and here). 

We came up with a list of what we want to add to this space and how we want to use it. It will primarily be a spot for Matt to work from home (so he can join us for dinner, then keep working in the evenings, for instance). I will also use it for blogging and whatnot. And we'll use it as just a grown-up escape spot for reading and whatnot. We also knew we wanted to add mega storage in here for books and things that we never could keep out in our tiny condo. Today, a quick post to show you where we're at with furniture and the to-dos.

Ideally we'd want a sofa in the office for reading, relaxing, and - in a pinch - as another spot for a guest to crash after a party or whatever. We have almost no budget for new furniture though, and after looking for a couch we thought we'd have to hold off on this for a while. We did decide we would go with something modern and clean-lined, like the Ikea Karlstad.

This couch isn't insanely expensive, but at $499 plus tax, it was sadly out of reach for now. No worries, I can be patient. Wait, no I can't. So I searched craigslist and kijiji for a few days. After only two, craigslist came through. (More on the rest of our furniture, as well as our big to-do list for the room, after the jump).

I immediately made an offer, and Matt picked it up the next day. The sofa itself is in perfect shape. The previous owners had cats though, so we bought a new slipcover for it at Ikea (the dark sivik grey one). We need to assemble it with the new slipcover -- which, from what I've read in reviews of this sofa (which are otherwise super positive) is a real pain. Will keep you posted though. Also want to stain or paint those legs. Thoughts? 

We also scored a free desk from one of my mom's friends who is downsizing. 
It looks a lot like this one -- in fact, I think it might be this one (from Pottery Barn). If you're in the market, I noticed it is really on sale at Pottery Barn right now. 
I'm thinking we'll go with a few shades of green and blue for accent colours -- which is what we always do. But that means I can mostly use stuff we already have. We also plan to add some of our neighbourhood maps in here (so far we have Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto, which are all places we love and have lived together as a couple. If a Montreal map comes out we'll add that to our collection). We won't use all three here, will have to play around with it and see what suits the space. 

Anyway, here is our big to-do list for this room:

- Get rid of the weird mesh ceiling
- Insulate the ductwork behind the ceiling
- Drywall the ceiling
- Install potlights 
- Add trim to ceiling
- Rip out old carpet
- Properly frame out and insulate the window
- Patch the panelled walls
- Prep for paint
- Paint the walls
- Install new laminate wood flooring
- Add baseboards and quarter round
- Add trim around the doors (using any extra or old baseboards)
- Fill in nail holes in the trim
- Paint all trim
- Add 5 Billy bookcases along the long wall (we bought them! Now to assemble...)
- Eventually, make those Billy bookcases look like built-ins
- Put away books, office supplies, etc. 
- Accessorize/style bookcases
- Buy a simple desk (we got one for free!)
- Buy a sofa (just scored one on Craigslist, see above)
- Assemble the sofa with the new slipcover
- Add an end table (will see how much room there is once the couch and desk are in)
- Desk lamp
- Window treatment - probably a faux roman shade (DIY something)
- Add bulletin boards 
- Add art and framed family pics, using what we have on hand already
- Add a rug, one day
- Add throw pillows and a throw blanket on the sofa to add some colour
- Add other decorative accessories (using stuff we have on hand as much as possible)
- Finally come up with a good filing system for all of our important papers. File everything. 

I'm working on a mood board or something to give us a bit more direction. In the mean time I've been pinning lots of bookshelf styling and whatnot for inspiration (you can follow me on pinterest here)
So excited that we will soon have a dedicated home office space!
In our old place, our "home office" consisted of this shoe-shelf turned mini office near our dining table (see it in the tour here). Ha!
Will keep you posted as we knock items off the to-do list. Up next, I'll be giving you the tour and progress on more rooms in the new house.


  1. You might want to check out "Pretty Pegs" for more ideas on how you can change up the legs of your couch! I don't have any personal experience with them, but I do like the idea.

    1. Ach, scratch that. They cost more than what you paid for the couch!

  2. loving those maps! Looking forward to following the progress!

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