Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Office Ceiling Transformation - Details

Remember yesterday when I showed you the home office how terrible that ceiling was?
Yes, there were several terrible things about the room, but the ceiling was the. absolute. worst. thing. 

Let me remind you (you can also see all the office before pics and a peek at our progress here):

But now we've turned it into this!

For detail-oriented people out there, I thought I'd share the photos I took as this room's ceiling was transformed. This is not a drywall tutorial -- I sadly have no idea how to drywall, my contractor handled that. The goal instead is to show you how you could look past an eyesore like this ceiling in a prospective house -- or maybe a space you already own -- and see how easy it is to make it much, much better.
Click "read more" if you'd like to see the photos!

To start with, as I talked about it lots of detail here, the mesh ceiling was in terrible shape. Also, it was actually darker than it appears in the photos. And just uglier. 
One low hanging ceiling fan attempted to light up this dim, sad space.
 I mean, this ceiling was terrible, right?
Step one: Rip it out and toss it in the dumpster. 
Usually, it gets worse before it gets better. I actually think (in person) this was an improvement. 
Removing the ceiling allowed us to fix up a few minor electrical things, and made it easy to wire the ceiling for the potlights we planned to install. And by "we" I mean my contractor :)
We also added new insulation around the ductwork.
 We uncovered weird wallpaper -- this has happened a lot in this house. 
 DRYWALL! LIGHTS! Ahhhh, much better. 
 We gained some height but needed to fix that with some trim, since the walls are very old panelling and not drywall (and thus impossible to just add height to). 
We stuck to the budget and got the most basic kind -- we can always beef it up down the road with something fancier. 
 Here is the trim, and the window properly insulated and framed out. 
 As you can see, it was in dire need of paint. But still so much fresher and brighter.
And obviously we were in need of flooring (that carpet was all gone by this point) and baseboards and quarter round to finish it off. And needed to put the lights up properly (but we were waiting on painting). 

And this is where we are at now. The floors were installed and the first coat of paint on the walls is up (note: trim hasn't been painted at all.
(And you can kind of see the brand new door here, which will be getting a coat of nice charcoal paint).
Lots of other little things to do, like replacing the icky light switch (this gives a better sense of the previous paint job, ha!)
A few more pics so you can see where things are now. I will try to rephotograph soon when it is not 10:30 pm. Bad time to take photos. Live and learn. 
One more glance at that ceiling, before and with lots of progress:
Thanks for checking things out. 

Looking forward to sharing more of our plans for this room as well as how the rest of the house is coming along!

Jenny xo

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  1. What a difference, you must be thrilled at the progress.

  2. Sooooo much better!! Love the floor in there, too. I was getting crazy amounts of spam, too. I ended up choosing to "moderate" comments on posts that were a couple of weeks old. That seems to trap the spam in my "awaiting moderation" folder, where I can quickly delete them all at once. So annoying, isn't it? Someone really wants my blog readers to buy viagra. Doubt I have the right demographic for that :)

  3. It's hard to believe its the same space. What a difference a little drywall makes! Looks so much better..can't wait to see it finally come together. Thanks for sharing, liz

  4. Oh my goodness! That before was scary... It looks amazing now! Believe me, you didn't miss much by not drywalling yourself....we did our basement and it's the one thing I now say that I will never DIY again.

  5. Such a big, beautiful difference! We are thinking about adding drywall in our garage.

  6. Looks awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. looking forward to your full room reveal. alot of work but ...good for you having a great space to be in! Good luck with the rest of the room.

  8. Good thing you worked out something better for the ceiling. Even though it's a home office, the professional atmosphere must still be observed. The previous structure made me think of being inside an industrial building. :) Allan@Formula


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