Thursday, March 14, 2013

Benjamin's Toddler Room Updates & To Do List

Hi there!
Things have been crazy busy this week, but I wanted to pop in to share our progress on this little man's room. It's been two steps forward, one step back. But I'm staying positive. Let me elaborate....

If you missed it, you can see the room "before" here and read about our big rug purchase here

I'll start with some positives. The floor is still looking awesome. Here is is after being installed (with freshly painted walls, but trim needing to be dealt with).
I'm psyched about the rug (more on that purchase here). And I found cute, fun, inexpensive bedding. We'll be swapping out the single bed for a double, so he needed new stuff.
These are the sheets, which were on clearance for $16.99 for the full sized set (plus 10% off thanks to my sister) at HomeSense. I bought an extra pair of pillow cases too for $4 (minus 10%). 
I'll be pairing these fun sheets (which Benjamin loves, by the way. He shouts "go go" whenever he sees a car/truck/bus and this bedding incites the same reaction. Too cute.) with a simple grey striped duvet and shams from West Elm. Ben doesn't actually sleep with a duvet yet, but more often than I care to admit one of us is in his bed with him so it is nice to have there. As he grows, this will obviously become more and more useful for him, too. 
I bought this duvet cover on a recent trip to NYC to visit Ben's godfathers who are temporarily living there. (If you're curious, you can see a bit of their home and more about Ben's baptism right here). Still need to buy a duvet insert. 

I also picked up some inexpensive artwork from HomeSense that I'm excited about, but haven't taken photos yet. I'll be sorting through what we have already (art and framed photos) and with the few new things experimenting with art combos and arrangements in here. More on that when we get there... For now the artwork is looking like this. Just piled up, leaning in corners, and stacked in baskets.  
Keepin' it real :)
Here is how the room looked earlier this week. I had intended to take pictures of it as the week progressed, but renovations in the bathroom on the floor below his room stalled our progress. Essentially, our contractor found all kinds of bizarre wires in there leading up to Ben's room -- wires which shouldn't be there. He tried to remove them by simply removing baseboard in Ben's room, but almost immediately found two junction boxes hidden behind the drywall (you never bury things like that -- you always want access to them). We are lucky he found them. One didn't even have proper end caps on the wires. Scary. Anyway, the end result was that they had to cut a few rather large holes in the freshly patched, sanded, primed and painted walls. But c'est la vie. Repainting won't be a big deal, just slows us down a little. Okay, back to the photos:
Progress has been made.We bought two dressers (the tall and the long Ikea Hemnes dressers in white). The long is going under the first window, and the tall behind the door. 

With the help of my awesome mother-in-law and brother-in-law, both of Ben's dressers were assembled on Tuesday. Here's a quick snapshot, complete with a gaping hole in the wall next to it. Ha. 
I also ordered a new light that should arrive by the end of the day Friday. Hopefully it will go up next week so I can show it to you. 

So as you can see we are making progress, but also dealing with the unexpected as it pops up. Here's where we're at in list form:

Benjamin's Toddler Room Makeover - To Do List

- Tear out purple carpet
- Install new wood floors
- Install baseboards and quarter round
- Remove black curtains and curtain rods
- Patch holes in walls
- Prime, paint walls  (we did this, but have to do lots more as we had to cut open walls to fix an unforeseen weird electrical thing. Yikes.)
- Paint trim
- Replace the old door
- Replace the door hardware 
- Prime and paint the new door
- Deal with the random wires coming out of the walls
- Replace the dangerous ceiling fan
- Replace the boob light
- Find a huge rug (read all about our awesome rug here)
- Bedding
- Clothing storage (since there's no closet) -- pair of dressers?
- Some toy storage (use what we already have - baskets, bins, etc.)
- Style the tiny built-in bookcase
- Possibly buy or DIY some cute bookends for the bookcase
- Window treatments - ideally, blackout cordless roman shades
- Add some new artwork (buy and/or DIY)
- Hang artwork (old and new)
- Arrange furniture, accessorize, etc.
- Babyproof (outlet covers, bolt furniture to walls, etc.)
- Install a video baby monitor

We've come a long way from where we started.
I think we're all getting super excited. Move-in day is near!

See you soon!
Jenny xo


  1. Hey Jenny! I found you through Home Happy Home! Great to 'meet' a local DIY blogger! I am also west of Toronto! Your room looks great so far!

  2. flooring looks wicked Jenny! also loving the san pellegrino product placement on the second pic. lol. hahaha

    what's a boob light? :)

    1. Thanks Leigh! A boob light is just a builder grade light that really resembles a boob. I'll post a closer up pic of it so you can see. You'll know what I mean when you see it, ha ha.

  3. So exciting! Can't wait to see the progress as you move along....

  4. Jenny, I love where you are headed with this room. Such cute sheets and such a great price. Love the floors, the rug, the bedspread, the dresser, and that cute, whimsical art in the white frames. And I can't get over how much that cute Ben has grown. WOW!

    On a differfent note, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. We are really going to miss my godson, but I know he is in a far better place and that we will one day see him again. I try to stay focussed on that. This has been a hard week, though I've gained some closure, but thanks to wonderful friends like you and your prayers, we are getting through it. Just trying to stay focussed on our blessings of which we count him as a major one.

    Thanks again!



  5. Love the room plan. It will be a fun big boy room. Great deal on the sheets. I should check Homesense more often.

  6. Oooh, the floors looks wonderful! I love it! This room will be a perfect playroom.

  7. So fun!! I just love the shape of the room.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  8. How exciting! He's so adorable and has gotten so big, Jenny! I marvel at my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and the time that has passed already. My daughter has plans to put together a daybed I gave them for her.

  9. I can't wait to see his finished room. Those floors are amazing! And as a mama of a 2-year old boy, of course I heart those car sheets.

  10. Jenny, you've done so much already. It is looking great. If you're still looking for duvet inserts we love Ikea's. That is what are on our son's beds. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays!

  11. oohh, You have some great pieces, I cant wait to see how it turns out.


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