Monday, March 11, 2013

Benjamin's New Room

 Welcome to Benjamin's new toddler room!

I loved Benny's tiny little room in our old apartment. You can see various posts about it right here
It occurs to me as I write this that I haven't given you the tour of how it looked when we sold our place in December. Maybe it is because it is the only room that makes me feel sad to look at -- his first bedroom! But I promise, that post is coming up shortly. In the mean time, you'll have to settle for pics of his new room, which has only just started to take shape. Let me show you...

These photos were taken the day we took possession:
LOTS more photo and info about the room after the jump. Click "read more":
The room is by far the biggest room in the house. It is meant to be the master bedroom. 
However, our house has a funny layout. Two bedrooms on the upper floor, two on the main floor (and three bonus ones in the basement). We didn't want kids on the main floor and us above -- it just didn't feel safe. Plus, we like to entertain pretty regularly and it didn't make sense to put the kiddos right next to the kitchen/living room when they could be tucked away from the noise upstairs. So, the top floor (which consists of the "master" bedroom and the smaller room, which is our new nursery) is becoming kid central. 

Anyway, back to the tour of Ben's new digs:
 There were so many random wires coming out of every wall. Super odd.
This ceiling fan is one that is meant to be mounted on a flat ceiling, but this is a pitched/sloped ceiling. So it practically falls off when turned on. Our home inspector suggested immediate removal. Yikes. 
 Like many of the doors in this house, this one was in dire need of a replacement. 
 A few more photos (with the previous owners' belongings)
 Isn't the built-in bookshelf cute?
I'll be sharing our plans and progress thus far with you this week. 
But I won't leave you totally hanging. Here's a preview that I snapped with my iPhone -- real pics on their way soon. Though we still have LOTS to do, it's shaping up nicely:
See you soon!
Jenny xo


  1. Looks like you are on your way!

    Were the floors there, or did you install them?

    Looking forward to seeing more.



    1. The floors are brand new! There was nothing but subfloor under the carpet, so we installed these laminate ones.

  2. wow, LOVE the floors and the built in case. Perfect for kids because it is so low! Can't wait to see the update! Following you so I won't miss out :o) I came over from Sugar Bee Crafts. Would love for you to share this at my Tuesday Link party as well!

  3. I love the flooring and the built in bookshelf is so cute! I will be checking back for an update! Can't wait to see!


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