Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Basement Bathroom - Mood Board, Design Plan, & Progress

Yesterday I shared all of the scary before pics of our bathroom, as well as a sneak peek at our progress in there. Today I thought I'd fill you in on our plans for this odd, tiny space. We've got a tight budget, but think we can still make this space feel fresh, be more functional, and work well for our family with a few key choices. I mean, no matter what we do, it can't get worse, right? (Before pics here). 
Let me give you a closer look at a few of the things we've chosen for this space.

We opted to get rid of the tub and instead go with a nice big, glass-doored shower. Since this is mainly for guests and we have a tub upstairs, this seemed more functional. Plus, the big wall of glass will keep it feeling airier and bigger (I'm not kidding myself here -- it is still a teeny bathroom -- but feeling bigger is always better, even if it still feels small). Oh, and one easy but big change -- the door (which we just replaced) will open out, rather than into the room -- so no more wondering if there is a sink hidden behind the door. This small change actually makes the biggest difference in terms of how the room feels. Yay! 

For the sink, we are trading out this leaking beauty:
And going with this one from Ikea (the Lillangen). I searched everywhere and looked at every sink option in our very specific dimensions. This one was the most affordable and had the white, clean lines I was looking for. Sold! It is installed now and the size is perfect. The added storage is a huge bonus.
But we are adding this hardware from Anthropologie. It is simple, but has an antiqued feel that mixes well with the bathroom's more modern elements.

Matt and I have also weirdly always loved these trough-like faucets. We finally get to have one! We picked up the Pfister Kamato (here) from Home Depot and love how it looks with the new sink/vanity. For our main bath we'll be going with a more feminine look so we are happy to have this masculine, fresh, modern bathroom to play around with too. 
Definitely better than what we started with, ha ha:
Hanging next to the sink will be these cute towels from West Elm for drying hands, in grey stripes. I found "M" ones (for our last name) while in New York in January during their bed and bath sale and scooped up three of them so I can rotate them without needing to do laundry immediately. I am crushing on many of their different hand towels. Love 'em.
We also lucked out and found a perfectly sized shower door system with a beautiful sliding glass door, modern chrome details, and a pre-finished floor thing/drain/whatever you call it (tiling the floor in the shower was going to be expensive, comparatively). And I do mean perfectly sized -- in terms of height, width, and depth. Since we could not afford to go custom but wanted a custom feel, this was extremely lucky. And we got it at Costco of all places! It is by Ove, and is just like this here one but in chrome instead of satin aluminum. (For those curious or in the market, ours was $539 for the door/hardware/floor/drain/everything at Costco). We looked at similar ones at Bath shops for 3-6 times the price. We love it. It looks just like this. Oh, only ours opens right to left, not left to right. But you get the idea.

Our other big purchases were tiles. We went with extra long white subway tile for the shower surround, and white and grey marble tiles for the floor. We're using the exact same tiles in the bathroom upstairs. However, down here we're having the tiles installed in a more linear, modern way and upstairs using the traditional subway pattern. Thus, the spaces will feel cohesive -- lots of chrome, white and grey -- but will also be distinct, which is fun. 

The subway tiles were extremely inexpensive (if your'e in the GTA, we got the at The Tile Shoppe in Mississauga, which was very wallet-friendly - the white subway tiles are perpetually on sale and the best prices around). We splurged a little more on the marble for the floor, but since we didn't need much, it wasn't a big cost. I'll look up the exact tile and let you know what it was when I do up a complete source list/reveal/all that jazz.

I showed you this glimpse of the new floor tile yesterday.
Here's a peek at the white tiles on the walls. Again, an iPhone pic. We aren't even close to proper after pics though, so I haven't had my new camera kicking around in all the dust and mess with us (see what I mean here). I'll get on that though. 
Still debating what to do with the wall colour in here. Maybe white, soft grey, or soft blue. 

I quite like "Glass slipper"(above) by Benjamin Moore. Jury is still out, however. What do you think?
The door will be charcoal grey (Benjamin Moore's Iron Mountain) like all the other doors -- see this post to see how they look in our house-- if that makes a difference in your opinion on the wall colour. 

Thank you for visiting!

Jenny xo


  1. It's going to feel so clean and fresh. I can't believe you found your shower at Costco! Makes me want to buy a membership.

  2. it is going to be fabulous! the glass doors will definitely make the room feel bigger than it is!

  3. Very exciting! Can't wait to see it completed!

  4. You have a great marble floor. I love the drawer pulls and the towels!
    I'm visiting you today at Southern Lovely's Linky. I hope you can visit my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  5. I'm pretty obsessed with those west elm towels! I try to sneak them into every design I do, kitchen or bath. The progress is looking amazing! The before pics are too funny, what a crazy little space! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Perhaps you can show me some great little shops in the city once the weather warms up? I'm still learning my way around.

  6. Love your plan! Can't wait to see it all fall into place! I found you at The Shabby Creek Cottage--thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  7. Great Plan… I wonder how’d you’d come up with that idea.


    Geoffrey@Bristol Bathroom Installation

  8. love it! i gotta get one of those west elm towels for myself! i love glass slipper- another one of my fav ben moore colors is quiet moments 1563, it looks great with the marble you chose!

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  11. A great design for the bathroom. I have also renovated my bathroom with tiles and equipment from Germany. It was too costly but now its looks good.

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  12. I love everything you did in your bathroom, Jenny! I love the trough-like faucetm but the sliding glass door for the shower is a killer! Those subway tiles looks luxurious as well in case no one has told you that yet. Now, I am inspired to renovate my bathroom as well. By the way, I think soft blue paint would be best for the walls. :) Roland Duffer

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