Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Huge Rug for Benjamin's New Room

Just a small post today, but to share a big purchase! We bought a rug for Benny!
(If you missed yesterday's post where I gave you the tour of his new bedroom, you can check it out right here).

Rugs are expensive. At least, in Canada, rugs are expensive. I spy all kinds of amazing rugs online that are insanely good prices in the USA, but shipping them to Ontario costs a pretty penny and usually turns them into expensive rugs again. I've been searching. It's the worst. 

Given how pricy rugs tend to be around here, we were wondering what we ought to do about Benjamin's new bedroom. We opted to tear out the worn, stained purple/dusty rose carpet that was in there and instead of new carpet decided to lay down laminate wood flooring (the same flooring as the new nursery and whole basement). In a smaller house, consistency in these kinds of things helps the whole place "flow." But wood floors aren't the cushiest choice for a toddler. So, we needed a rug. And since this room is long and narrow-- 20 feet long (more than double his old room!)--we needed a big rug. Ugh.

Then one day Matt, my Mom, and I were driving along and spotted a sign for a contents sale. I demanded we stop asked nicely if we could pop in. We were there at the very end of the sale and most things were sold, but in the dining room we saw this huge ivory wool rug.
Excuse the crappy phone photos. 
(Sweet dining room, eh?)
The rug, as well as its thick underpad, had been custom designed and made for the space. No stains or signs of wear at all really (did people actually eat in this expansive white room?), and it is nice and cushy and soft. Best of all, the rug is huge -- about 14.5 feet long by 9.5 feet I think (I'll remeasure once it is in). 
Two people were running the sale. I asked the first for a price. He said $300 for the rug and the underpad. I told Matt we should take it. Then I asked the next person. I think it is always good to ask again. She said $150 since it was the end of the day. They even delivered it for us for free. Score!

Can't wait to show you how it looks in his new room! A reminder of how it is looking (more pics, plans, and progress updates coming soon).
The rug will help keep the space feeling light and soft, but we won't mind if Ben is destructive and ends up ruining it since we didn't break the bank with this huge rug. As precious as he is, we didn't want anything too precious in his room. 

And since this is a post about Benjamin's room, I thought it was a good excuse to show you his cute little smile with a photo from last Halloween. Yes, I realize there is no connection to rugs, but I don't mind :)
Once it is in the space (after we paint the trim and all that) I'll share more photos of it!

In the mean time -- do you know of any great rug sources that ship to Canada reasonably or -- better yet -- are in Canada? We still have a lot of rooms calling out for rugs! Would love to hear about your sources! Or maybe you live in the USA or some other place and scored an amazing deal you can tell me all about so I can live vicariously?

See you soon
Jenny xo


  1. What a great rug purchase at a super price! A nice super cushy rug is a good thing to have with an active little guy so he can fully enjoy all the space his new room offers. Another nice aspect of the white rug is if it gets stains that don't clean out a rug cleaning company can dye it another color to conceal the stains so it can have a second life :)

  2. I'm in Canada searching for a rug as well and have run into the same expensive problems. Have you tried Home Depot or Sears online?

  3. Holy smokes you got the deal of the century! Benjamin is such a cutie. ;)

  4. What a great score!! Love the idea of asking 2 people - I never thought of that! Can't wait to see how it looks in the cutie pie's room :)

  5. Great deal on the rug. The neutral color will give you lots of flexibility in the room. Sometimes rugs can be a little 'bossy' but you definitely won't have that issue with such a neutral rug. I am also located in Canada and have been checking out online rug options. The thing with rugs is that it can be so hard to know what they'll look like until you see them in the room so its good to have the option to take them back. For that reason, I like Elte in Toronto (expensive but great return policy), West Elm, and Alexanian.

    1. We have bought at West Elm before and plan to again -- one day soon, I hope! Waiting on a rug sale.


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