Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Nursery (Before)

    Hello everybody!

Here in Canada, we had a holiday yesterday (Family Day). I've been offline all weekend long at my parents' cottage. Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Work continues at our new house, although some days it feels like we might never be ready to move in. Slowly but surely though, one step at a time. As Lindsay (a blogger who I totally adore) put it, baby steps in design and renovation are the way things tend to go. 

Speaking of baby steps -- let me show you the nursery
(See an intro to the new house here, and read about the playroom here and here). 
The top floor of our new house has a tiny hallway landing flanked by two bedrooms -- Benjamin's to the left, and the new baby's room to the right. Here are before shots of the baby's room to get you acquainted with the space. 
Here is our to do list to get this space baby ready, including the items already completed. The photos below make each of these to-do items pretty obvious:

- Remove purple carpets
- Remove asbestos tiles that are under the carpet
- Install new laminate flooring
- Fix up the baseboards and quarter round
- Remove old curtain rod and black curtain, patch holes in wall
- Paint Walls
- Paint Trim
Paint inside of closet a fun colour
Paint inside of built in bookcase a fun colour
- Deal with the numerous tangles of wires coming out of the walls
Hang a new bedroom door
- Replace doorknob on closet door and (new) bedroom door
- Paint closet and bedroom doors
- Replace the boob light with a cuter light fixture
- Add a dimmer switch
- Replace ugly/mismatched/cracked electrical outlets
- Move in furniture (we are re-using everything from Benjamin's old nursery)
- Add artwork
- Arrange toys/books/etc. on the shelves
- Add a rug
- New window treatments
- Wash/organize/put away baby clothes and blankets
- Stock up on and organize baby supplies
- Babyproof the room (I know baby won't be mobile for a long time, but Ben sure is!)

Back to the photo tour. Click "read more" to continue.

The above photo (and the ones of the room empty below) are just after we took possession.
Here is how it looked when we had our home inspection. The previous owners used this room as a walk in closet. 

 And that is our little nursery to-be. 
Progress photos of the new floor and wall colour coming later this week. Baby steps!

Jenny xo


  1. Oh that's going to be a GREAT nursery! Love all the storage and the eaves - it looks so cozy!

  2. Turning it into a nursery would be perfect! The window is what I liked most about this room. It’s in the center, which keeps the room well-lit. You wouldn’t need to turn on the lights at daytime. The door, however, clearly needs to be replaced. It has cracks and its paint has faded already.

    Allyson Sunde


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