Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our New House Sneak Peek: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hello there,

Lately, I've been giving you a room by room tour of our condo (which we recently moved out of) including sources and way too many photos. Feel free to check out the overview, master bedroom, and kitchen and bathrooms if you missed those. I'm going to be continuing the tour (still left are the living/dining room and Benjamin's nursery/toddler room) but thought I'd take a break from that to start introducing you to our new house. So let's make this official...

Welcome to our new house!
The new house will be featured a lot in the future as we work on it with projects big and small and turn it into our own little home. Today, as a brief intro, I thought I'd give you a sense of the place including a sneak peek at some of its good, bad, and ugly features. 

Let's start with the good. The house is detached on a great sized lot. This means we have a backyard. Since we're moving from a condo that didn't even have a balcony, this is huge. I am overjoyed about summers of BBQing and late night patio wine and babies playing in a splash pool. Here's a shot of the yard. Over the years, we'll do some landscaping and whatnot to gussy her up (and have plans for a vegetable garden and whatnot too) but for now we are just so excited that we have outdoor space. Yay!

(Below is a photo from the real estate listing, taken last May. The house was on the market for a while... Anyway, our property ends just behind that shed/where the big tree is, but the fence is hard to see in the photo)
The second best thing about the house is the space. Don't get me wrong -- the house isn't a mansion. Since basements aren't counted in our area, it is technically 1500 square feet. But, we had two small bedrooms, one living space, and a kitchen in the condo. It was awesome, but we've outgrown it. Here, we have a separate dining room, an open living room/kitchen, a playroom, a home office, four bedrooms (two on the main floor, two on the upper floor) plus a basement guest room, a storage room, separate laundry room, and basement TV room. In other words, the house will allow us to live a little differently and hopefully feel much less cramped. Square footage for the dollar is so different downtown vs. the suburbs!
(Here's the basement TV room, with the previous owners' belongings)
(Storage Room, again with previous owners' belongings)
My favourite part of the house when we bought it (i.e. before any renovating or decorating) was hands down the kitchen. The previous homeowners began renovating the house and went as far as doing the floors in the kitchen, the living room (which the kitchen is totally open to) and the dining room, as well as a full kitchen reno. New appliances, lots of white cabinetry, butcher block countertops, drawer and cupboard organizers galore -- all good stuff. We love it. Loooove it. We'll do a few things to finish it off - paint, fix the broken undercabinet lights, caulk and repaint some weird gaps, etc. -- but even as is we're stoked.
The rest of the house is unrenovated. For us that was no big deal. It meant that we didn't have to pay the price you'd pay for a house that is move in ready, but that we also didn't have to take on the cost of a kitchen reno. Win, win! 
Since the home inspection showed it was overall pretty solid (i.e. new windows, updated electrical, good plumbing, etc) with problems we thought we could take on (such as some asbestos, two bathrooms in need of a gut job due to code violations and mould issues, and loads of cosmetic stuff throughout) we went for it. The layout, location, and quirky features of the house are just right for us. 

Here are a few other random pics of the rest of the house. Many, many more photos and details to come!
What do you think?
Jenny xo


  1. I can see why it was on the market for so long. With four kid, it's not a job I would take on personally, but it's hard to see the good bones in pictures, too. I like a project though (hence our three-year long DIY basement finish!) so good for you for going for it!

  2. The home certainly has some "charming" features like the lovely plum carpet and the water stains on the ceiling tiles, but honestly, I don't think any house is perfect. And given that you more than likely won't attempt to preserve those features, you have free reign to transform those rooms to your design vision. Both the indoor and outdoor space has so much potential ... Benjamin will love zooming around your yard this spring ... and from what I can see the kitchen and adjoining spaces are fresh, modern, and wonderful and simply awaiting your personal touch. I hope you find the DIY experience fulfilling. Congrats on the new old home.

  3. What part of the city are you in now? I'll bet you'll love the difference from living in downtown TO with your little one(s)!

    The space looks like it will be great and the yard is fabulous!

  4. Oh, it will be so nice to have a kitchen like that! It will be fun to see what you do with the entire house!

  5. Kitchen is very nice and so is the flooring. The rest you can work at a bit at a time, blogging all the way! I'm sure you will love having a home of your own with much more space than a condo.

  6. Love the backyard! No wonder you like the kitchen and those floors -gorgeous! It is a good thing you had the home inspection so you know what you are dealing with, especially with the little one. It may seem daunting at times, but you with each update and makeover it will be even better. Just be careful and follow safety precautions with the asbestos and mold etc.

  7. It’s a nice place, Jenny. It’s much better than the condo where you formerly lived. Nothing bad intended on that comment. I just believe that owning a house gives an escalated feeling of satisfaction. Plus, you have a backyard! For me, that’s important especially when you’re starting a family. :D

  8. Your new house looks great! You really have a lot of space there. You can even make an extension if you want to in the future. :) I noticed that there are some things that you need to work on though. Nevertheless, you’re all good. It is, by and large, a wonderful house!

  9. It is amazing how you turned your space into something more interesting. I like how you remove all the clutter on your space. you now have more area for movement, making your home more accessible.

    Patrick Tan


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