Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Condo Kitchen and Bathrooms

The tour continues (see part 1 here and part 2 here if you missed them) with the condo kitchen and bathrooms.

Though it had its drawbacks, we loved our little kitchen. It was on bright corner on the 15th floor with great views of the busy city outside. Over the years we swapped out the old brass pendant for an inexpensive, airy floral one, painted the walls and cabinets, added a gallery wall, rotated some ikea bookshelves in and out for storage, added curtain panels, added pops of aqua, switched out the cabinet hardware, got a new microwave, and constantly organized and reorganized the tiny space. 
After changing things like the light but before painting the cabinets and walls, here is how the kitchen looked in 2010. Some of these pictures make me cringe. 
We pulled a grey colour out of the granite countertops and used that for the walls. 
Anyway, I'll let the photos do the touring now. Sources can be found at the end of this post.
 The gallery wall (above) was made using frames from our wedding guest book table. See more on the guest book table here and on making the gallery wall here. A reminder of what the guest book table looked like:

Next up are the bathrooms. Our condo had two almost identical bathrooms. We added artwork, white shower curtains and bath linens, towel bars, and accessories. We planned to paint the vanities and frame out the mirror in the master, but never got around to it. Just a few photos of these rooms!

Kitchen Sources
Paint colours - Veil and Atmosphere by Glidden
Table and chairs - Ikea (Liatorp table, ingolf chairs)
Bookcases - Ikea Billy and Ikea as is section 
Crystal hardware - HomeGoods
Rug - HomeSense
Frames - Dollar Store, originally used at our wedding
Light - Home Depot
Curtains - Ikea

Bathroom Sources
Art above toilet - HomeSense
Blue trash can - Jonathan Adler, purchased about 12 years ago
Round crystal rose bowl - Larabee Dot by Kate Spade, Bloomingdale's (wedding gift)
Shower Curtains - Century 21 in NYC
Towels - Pottery Barn, Lacoste (from Century 21)
Towel bars (not pictured) - Canadian Tire
Perfume tray - HomeSense


  1. Well, I've finally found you again! I've had trouble with blogs disappearing from my bloglist and yours was one of them, so glad I found you again because I did enjoy your blog and your home!
    I'll be adding you again and hopefully I won't have trouble, I just couldn't remember the name of your blog.
    I love all the things you have done to your home!


  2. OMG, love love your kitchen/dining room!


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