Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our Condo - The Complete Home Tour

First of all, thank you very much - from the bottom of my heart - for the sweet, supportive comments and emails that I received when I posted a few weeks ago about how I was contemplating coming back to blogging. I honestly wasn't sure anyone would even read but it was so nice to hear kind words from friends. And after thinking it over a lot -- here I am! So happy to be back to blogging. Yay! 

There is sooo much I am excited to share with you over the next little bit. Updates about the baby (we are expecting our second on June 6th), the new house (we closed on January 15 and are doing lots of work on it so we can move in the next 3 weeks or so and then continue fixing it up), and life in general.

Before we get to all that though, I thought I'd better catch you all up on things. So I thought I'd start that off at the very place this all began -- our little condo on Simcoe Street. We sold our place and moved out just before Christmas, but since I last blogged about it lots had changed.

Today, a simple photo tour to give you the big picture look at the place. Over the next little while, I'll share the details room by room with sources and even more photos. That is where I'll talk about everything from the new crystal knobs in the kitchen to why Benjamin's nursery has no crib and instead a mattress on the floor. But please let me know if you have any questions and I'll be sure to answer them in the posts as I go! [And just in case the million photos below are not enough, you can check out more (older)pics and projects by clicking on the pages above].  Also, there are oddly enough some spaces -- like the front entry, the guest bath, and the master bedroom -- that never made it onto the blog. So this, I guess, is there debut! I'm glad to finally share them with you. 

You can find more photos here as well. 

See you soon,

Jenny xo

PS. Some of these photos were taken by our relator's team for our real estate listing back in December. Ignore the funny little X's in the corner -- they functioned in the listing but don't actually do anything here, I just couldn't figure out how to edit them out. 

Please feel free to check back over the next few days for detailed tours of each room, including sources. 

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  1. I'm so happy you're back pretty girl! You have such a beautiful blog, one misses the friends you don't see for a while! I love your condo, it's great, such terrific size and decor..lovely! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I didn't get to comment when you asked about your comeback, but the answer was YES! Please come back! I've loved your blog and seeing your youthful life develope and unfold. You might not remember me, but I've often commented. And I've loved your sweet Simcoe condo and what you did with it. I was glad to see this post, to see the sweet place one more time. I bet you had mixed feelings about leaving it. Congratulations on the new baby too. Can't wait to see more developments! Best wishes in your new home. ~Zuni

  3. Beautiful place! you did a fantastic job! Especially love Benjamin's room! :-)

  4. After seeing your new bedroom, I saw the entire condo - it's lovely and fun. Glad you're back - see many of us are!!! This is a charming condo and you've done a wonderful job.

  5. Glad you are back. I love the bed on the floor for the young one--nice idea

  6. Welcome back~! Beautiful tour! This is my first time at your blog, so happy you decided to come back. I smiled when I saw the bed on the floor, we did that with our little guy. I think its a terrific idea to get them used to the transition.

  7. I saw that this condo was furnished on a tight budget from one of your pages. “Wow,” is all I have to say about it. Condos often have that boxy feel; not just in the amount of space but also in how they generally look. But yours looked very romantic and homey that it made me forget it was actually a condo. This was a great place and I love the progress that you've been sharing about your new home. -Lakisha@Joanne Davidow

  8. I agree with Lakisha. While drooling I was at the photos, I actually forgot that it was a condo! :)

    Well, I'm pretty sure it came from a great deal too. How did you found your place, Jenny? Would like to know how you did it. Thanks!

  9. With the expanding market for condominiums and apartments, it's easy to find a cozy place you can definitely call a home. Moreover, they're cheaper than houses but with the same features. You've got a nice place, Jenny. I hope you can increase the value of the house as the time passes by.

    Calvin @ City Block Team


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