Monday, February 25, 2013

Nursery Accent Colour

Hi there,

Last week I showed you the nursery space we are working with in the new house (see the before pics here) and the progress we'd made on it - including wall patching, a fresh coat of paint, and brand new wood floors. You can check that out here.

I mentioned we'd be adding a pop of colour by painting the inside of the closet and built-in bookcase with something fun. I don't have after pics ready just yet, but did want to share that the colour we chose is PINK. We are very excited that Benjamin will soon have a little sister!

Here is the paint colour we chose for those small accent areas. (By Benjamin Moore)
We're planning on a room of whites, creams, grey, and a little pink, with perhaps a few other pastel shades mixed in later on. More progress pics and nursery plans coming soon.

Jenny xo


  1. I not only love the color, I love the name of the color. How fun! Nothing more fun than a little girl. I just read a story about China in the early 1800s and the attitude towards little girls, even by their mothers just made me weep. We have come so far!!

  2. Your plans found awesome, I love the shade of pink and the color combo sounds great!

  3. The pink you selected reminds me of the shimmery opalescent interior of a conch shell, just so pretty. The nursery will certainly be "pretty in pink". How fun that Benjamin is having a sister!

  4. Hi there, I'm a new follower on your blog. Congrats on the baby. Your colours sound perfect for a little girls room! That stork image is too cute!

  5. I'm still dying to paint my Dining Room pale I can't wait to see how this color turns out!! So pretty...and congrats on the sweet babe!


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