Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Play Table & Chairs

Hello hello!

Sorry things have been so slow around here. I've been busy busy at the new house and will share all the details with you very soon. I just (finally!) bought a new camera after sadly losing our old one (I went with the Canon Rebel T4 and so far looooove it) so you can expect some better quality photos, too. 

Just a quick post in the mean time to share our latest playroom purchase. You can see how the room is coming along here, and the before and details of the space here.
I knew I wanted a round or oval table for the space (both to avoid corners, which I always worry will cause injuries, and because we have such a boxy room and are planning on some very square elements like a giant Ikea Expedit shelving unit with square bins. I also wanted it to be all white. But not overly feminine or masculine (this will be a playroom for my boy and my girl, so something that felt neutral enough). I searched craigslist and every nearby thrift store for the last 3 months but neglected to find a coffee table or play set that I could make work. 

Then I found the table above here, which totally fit the bill. The reviews were good, and price was okay ($152.99), and best of all Wayfair really reasonably ships to Canada. I went with four chairs. I'm psyched. 

It should arrive soon so I can show it to you in the space!

More house progress coming soon!!

Jenny xo


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