Thursday, January 10, 2013

A new year, a new start to the blog?

Hello, hello... anybody out there?

It has been a long, long time. I am not sure that anyone will be reading this, but I thought I'd put my thoughts and a little update out there just in case any of my old pals happen to wander by. (A few of you have checked in on me over the last little while -- you know, to make sure I am still alive and all -- and I so appreciate that!). I've been away from a computer but keeping up with you all through your blogs on my phone. I haven't been commenting much (my phone doesn't make it easy), but I've loved seeing what you've been up to! 

Anyway, here we are, in 2013. A whole new year. And maybe a whole new start to the blog? 
That's a question that's been on my mind since well before 2013. 

Here's a recap of what's happened since I dropped off the face of the planet last posted. First, I got very busy and very bad at balancing things such that I could keep regularly posting. That resulted in a disappearing act. I'm actually really embarrassed about how I left things. I am not the sort of person that just quits things or rudely vanishes. But somehow taking a few days off of blogging turned into weeks and into months. It is true what they say -- time flies when you are having fun. But as the days went on, returning and explaining my absence (for which there is no great explanation) became harder and harder until it felt impossible. I'm really sorry to everybody who had been kind enough to read. Really so very, very sorry. Leaving like that was the worst. 

Anyway, let me briefly tell you what's new. They main things are that I am very happily 19 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Benjamin (baby #1) is almost 19 months old and is amazing. I can't resist sharing a recent photo of him -- such a big boy now. 
 In other news, I no longer live on Simcoe Street! Matt and I sold our little condo in downtown Toronto in December, and are staying with my parents until we move into our new place. We take possession on Tuesday! It is a little house built in 1953 that is in a new neighbourhood we love, but that needs some serious TLC. We've already got lots of projects in the works to turn it into our dream home. Exciting times! 
That leads me to the question I've been asking myself for several weeks now... to blog or not to blog? I really miss blogging and really want to re-start, but wonder if one can really come back after such a long time. A part of me worries everyone will be too annoyed that I randomly left to start reading again, and might not want to bother coming round again. 

Other questions abound. Let's say people were forgiving and would still come by. Would I write on this blog (even though I no longer live on Simcoe Street?) or start fresh on a brand new one? I'm leaning toward keeping the name and blog address, but what do you think? 

Obviously, with a whole new house to makeover (we're moving from a sleek downtown two bedroom condo to an old house in the suburbs with four bedrooms, a guest room, a play room, a basement rec room, home office, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining, and family room, not to mention front and back yards, all in dire need of a makeover) I will have tons of projects large and small to share. I also have oodles of photos and tips and whatnot from things I never got to share over the past 6 months -- parties, showers, weddings, decorating projects, trips, moving, holidays -- just in case some home projects wind up taking longer than expected. So I know I'd have plenty to tell you about. I think I'd be able to consistently post Monday, Wednedsay, and Friday, with possibly an extra post thrown in somewhere along the way each week. Is 3-4 a week enough? 

So, if you are out there, and still reading this hilariously long post, 
please tell me what you think! 

And most importantly, know that if you stopped by here to read this today, I am so so so thankful. 

Happy 2013. I hope the new year will bring lots of wonderful, exciting things for each of you. 
And even if I don't make a proper return, I'm happy to be back just to say hello to you. I missed you. 

Jenny xo


  1. I think you should definitely blog if your heart is in it? Maybe you could adjust your blog title to "Once on Simcoe Street" or "Simcoe Street & beyond" or something much more clever ;) Then the url makes sense but it reflects the fun new changes in your life?

  2. I, too, am on an extended blog break - and it feels wonderful. I'm mulling around new ideas, but just haven't gotten to them, yet. You're living real life and shouldn't feel guilty if you don't write a blog post on a daily basis...or even weekly! Best of luck on your move!

  3. Hello stranger, glad to have you back!! You should most definitely continue your blog, especially with all these renos to the new place, we would love to see the progress. Congrats on baby #2 my friend. Diane

  4. I was just thinking about you the other day and here you are. :) Welcome back! The great thing about blogging is, you can do whatever you want, blog as often or as little as you want, do what works best for YOU, after all it is your blog! So happy to hear about baby #2 on the way, congrats along with the new house, what an exciting time! I did change my blog name once but that was because the other one had more of a kitchen/recipe theme going on. So maybe keep the name but add a tag line or something that reflects you're moving on? Excited to see the new home!

  5. Congrats on your return post, sweetness baby #2, and the new house ... you definitely won't lack content to blog about {it's decided, you're returning}. I wouldn't change the blog name, think of it as your brand rather than something specific to your life today; continuing Simcoe Street makes it easy for loyal followers to return while welcoming the certain new followers who will start to read. Glad to hear that all is well and sunny with you. Robin

  6. I'm still here! How wonderful that you are expecting again, congratulations. Blog when you want to blog. People that like you and what you do will find you and read you whenever you post. I'm sure you'll enjoy having a whole house to redo. Take photos along the way and blog when you can and when you feel like it. I like the idea of somehow keeping "Simcoe Street" in the title of your blog, if you don't want to keep it like that.

  7. I kept looking back to see if you have posted anything. I enjoyed reading your blog and hope that you keep up with it

  8. I gave up after 2 years of blogging, and I just walked away without a word.....and I feel terrible about it!

    So glad you're back and whatever you decide, I'll be happy to follow!

  9. BLOG! I am so excited to see what you do to your new home! Please don't stay gone! : )

  10. You know what? This is YOUR should be able to post when it's convenient for YOU (welcome back by the've been missed). Congrats on all the new exciting things going on for you and yours!

  11. Being born and raised in Oshawa, not far from the longest street, Simcoe Street is about a ten minute walk from my home. So I vote for the name. I have a blog, not nearly as cool as yours and I blog when I can (methinks my mom is the only one who reads!!) So, blog when the mood hits, enjoy your new home (still Toronto?) and enjoy the baby on the way.

  12. Keep blogging! Love your blog! I agree with many of the others that you should keep the name!

  13. Saw your cute face on a comment and had to stop by and say hi! I vote you keep on blogging! You have a talent...share when you have the time...keep the name...I like it and it's a part of your history...where it all began! Excited to see the new place! XO, Aimee

  14. keep blogging just saw it on Between Naps on the Porch. Love what I've seen. will love seeing what you do in your 'new' home.


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