Monday, June 4, 2012

A dark little hallway (before)

On Friday, I showed you pictures of our master bedroom. It is a tiny space right next to Benjamin's nursery (which you can check out here by clicking on relevant links - don't worry, they're obvious). Below, you can see our room on the left, and Benjamin's on the right. Ignore the jolly jumper connector thing hanging on the door, ha ha. So glamorous!
In between is a tiny bit of hallway that has, since Ben was about 2 months old, been very very dark. This space is next on my to-do list. It used to feature nothing but doors and a huge brass boob light. Now, it might actually look worse... Anyway, am posting this to hold myself publicly accountable -- I must get this finished! 
I also thought this might give you a better sense of how our apartment is laid out, which someone sweet who sent me a very kind email on Friday asked me to share more about (more to come in the future when I can dig up the actual floorplan)
Will share the light we choose and how it looks very, very soon -- I hope!

In the mean time, I'm prepping for Benjamin's first birthday this weekend (we are having a big zoo animal party -- should be great!), getting set for Matt to graduate from law school on Friday (once he writes the bar exam - tomorrow!) and editing photos from 2 bridal showers (with a third this week) and 2 baby showers. Busy, but wonderful, times! What are you up to?

Jenny xo

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  1. Enjoy Benjamin's first birthday! Can't wait to see the pictures! And I guess you'll be planning another celebration when you have a lawyer in the family! : )


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