Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blurb Giveaway Winner!

You guys, I'm the worst. I've pulled a disappearing act, and am really sorry. There are about a trillion reasons why, but the point is I'm sorry. 
 Anyway, I am especially sorry that I am late in posting the winner of the awesome blurb giveaway -- so without further ado, here she is:

Mel, of the fabulous blog Junkin Junky

I used to choose the winner, and it was lucky comment #1! 

Mel, I know you were psyched about this giveaway, so I am delighted that you've won. Check your email for one from me :)

Congrats again, and for all those who didn't win, I think you should go ahead and make yourself a photo book anyhow. Word has it that entering BLURBBOOK15OFF at checkout will save you 15% until August 31, and you can sign up on for more special offers. 


  1. Jenny! I'm so happy and grateful. I should apologize as it may have seemed like I was stalking you LOL.

    Life has a way of cutting in on our play time, I totally understand.

    Thank you. I will be keeping it a surprise for my daughter.

  2. Hello missus,

    Have you disappeared altogther? Are you okay? I hope the reason you've been all quiet is that your having a super-lovely time....but if not, if something is wrong, then here's a big hug from me.....*squeeze*


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