Monday, May 28, 2012

Living/Dining Room Makeover In Progress - Baby-proofing & Rearranging.

Lately, we've been making TONS of changes to our place as our little man nears his first birthday and is becoming more and more able to do things, requiring more and more adjustments in our home to keep him safe. And to store toys. Toys, toys, and more toys. 
One big change is that we've moved around some furniture (which, in a place as tiny as ours, makes a big difference). Here is how the room is looking now, with many more tweaks and changes being planned. If only I'd  thought to fix up the pillows or move the laptop or something. Ugh. Oh well. As usual I'm showing you our home in a totally real, totally un-styled way. 
Before I get to that, one quick note. For the last little while, my posting has been obnoxiously inconsistent. I'm sorry about that. I'm grateful you're still here reading. For the next little while, I'll be posting here on Simcoe Street on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and any other days will be a bonus. Once things are less crazy with baby stuff/weddings galore/other family things, I'll hopefully be back to more frequent posting, but I thought I'd let you know what the posting schedule is looking like. 

Anyway, let me show you the living/dining room now. This room is half of our living space, so we spend a lot of time here. So far, we're liking the changes. Though when I look at the photos, it seems like the room is being overwhelmed by baby junk.
Let's talk about the furniture moves thus far. 
Before, on the wall between the windows, we had a dresser we picked up at a garage sale a couple of years ago. It stored table linens, flatware, soup bowls, and things like DVDs. Since it was in our TV room and our dining room, this made total sense even though it sounds like a weird mix. 
Ben was always pulling open the drawers (which contained breakable things), hitting his head on the drawers he'd opened (which have sharp corners), and bumping his head on it while trying to retrieve toys that inevitably rolled under the dresser. He could also reach our stuff on top of it, so we would have had to lose our only real open display surface in the room.
In the before, you'll also note that we had a coffee table. A glass top one. Both the dresser and the coffee table were not very baby friendly so one has left the building (the coffee table) and one has moved to the bedroom (the dresser). We actually learned the hard way that our old stuff just might not work any more, resulting in one scary hospital visit, one nasty cut right beside Ben's eye, but thankfully some very quick healing. So yeah, we've decided we'll say buh-bye to a pretty space if it means a safe, fun one for Ben. 

Oh, and speaking of furniture disappearing, you'll note that this chair (remember when I set this spot up as a reading corner, in this post?) in this before photo
has been replaced by lots of baby-related stuff in that corner. Stylish, no?
Okay, here are too many more shots of the room this morning:
In person, we think the decanters look like an extension of the buildings in a fun and unexpected way. But until we get a pendant light hung above this spot, it definitely feels off. A light will go up soon. Oh, and that speaker is obviously moving...
(The little mouse bag holds tiny toys that get lost in the bigger toy bins -- cars, teethers, animals - and it has helped make finding them and tidying them much faster. 
The blue bins are from HomeSense, and I love 'em because they are lightweight and soft sided (and thus totally baby safe). You can find them there in lots of colours for $9 each. 
 Those of you who are regulars around here might notice other changes -- switcheroos of things like lighting and art and accessories. But I'll save that for another day, I'm off to play with this guy:
Happy Memorial Day to my American friends!

Jenny xo


  1. You're doing a great job making the room safe as well as keeping it stylish. What a cute little guy you have!!!

  2. He's such a cutie! You'll find that you're going to need to keep putting the breakables higher and higher.

  3. Great way to baby proof yet you are not sacrificing style! Your room looks great!

  4. Your house is baby-proofed beautifully. It looks immaculate, safe yet stylish at the same time. I trust the baby-proofing makeover you did is enough to keep your baby safe. So how is your little guy doing? I hope all is well with him. Have a pleasant day!

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad


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