Saturday, May 19, 2012

I love Kate Spade

Last weekend was my very first mother's day, and Matt and Benjamin treated me to a wonderful morning (before we headed off to see my Mom, then his). Matt was even sweet enough to get me some beautiful presents - a few pieces of jewellery from Kate Spade's new line. 
I LOVE Kate Spade stuff. The bags. The shoes. The everything. 
I think it is fresh and fun and cute without being cutesy. The website often has amazing sales for all the Americans who can enjoy their free shipping and whatnot (I wish!) and the accessories can be surprisingly reasonable. Check it out here
Anyway, at the risk of coming across as show-offy (I almost didn't post about this because I thought it might seem braggy -- I'm sorry if this in any way feels braggy...), I thought I'd share my new baubles with you. I got these pretty earrings (you can buy 'em here):
And this sweet ring. It is a little gold bow. I love it so much. 
(available here, image via)

It makes me think of these flutes (which are by Vera Wang), which Matt gave me on the night he proposed. We used them at our wedding and we use them on any occasion that feels like a special milestone or day for us as a couple. 
Anyway, Matt, if you are reading this, you totally knocked it out of the park. I love you.
So, anyone have any great father's day gift suggestions? 

Jenny xo

P.S. A post about mother's day is a great excuse for one more shot of my little guy, right?


  1. It looks like you are a lucky gal to have too such great guys. And I am totally going to check out that KS ring - pretty!

  2. Can't take my eyes off the bow ring and super sweet earrings. Not sure I absorbed any words, lol, just kept ogling the ring. Okay: gonna read this post again and try not to look at the ring, lol.


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