Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Presents -- My Picks

Benjamin's first birthday is quickly coming up (June 12), and we are planning a party to celebrate with friends and family. We've also chosen a few things to get him as presents -- and thus far have managed to do so sticking with our budget.

I found this Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Zebra for him at Once Upon a Child, an awesome store that sells new and second hand baby items.
Though second hand, it looks brand new and only set me back $11. I think he'll love it.
We have also decided that we are going to put a little bit of money into an education savings plan, which we hope to add more to once we are fully out of student-mode and into working-mode.

Of course, there are a few other fun things I have my eye on for Benny. A few of them are on sale, so I thought I'd share them here as I've had a number of emails from readers in the past saying that they like hearing about the products we've chosen for him. Or maybe you can tell me which ones you think I ought to buy?

The first two picks come from the Pottery Barn Kids. First, a personalized toiletry bag (on sale for $19.53 CDN, here). Of course, I'd have it personalized (using "camel" coloured thread) to say "Benny." Personalization is a little more expensive, but to me really worth it. This would be useful in the diaper bag, or especially great for travel and sleepovers (sometimes, we like to escape they city and stay with our parents' in the 'burbs).

I also love this little tote bag, which I'd have them write "Benjamin" on in all white block letters. This bag would be great for trips to the park or swims at Grandma and Grandpa's house. There are lots of colours and designs (not just gators) to choose from if you want your own. There is the cutest seahorse patch for girls, if you're in the market for a little girl's tote. You can buy them here, although it looks like these are not on sale anymore... boo.
And now for more toys. Yes, I know, he has so many toys. I doubt I will actually buy any of the things below since I'm sure he'll get some new treats from his aunts, uncles, and friends, but aren't these great?

From Toys R Us, a monkey tunnel (here, $19.99). We like to call him Benjamonkey, so this is perfect.
And this wooden doggy looks like it would be really fun. I absolutely love wooden kids' toys. A little birdie told me one of Benjamin's aunties already bought this great toy for him. What a lucky boy. It is from Toys R Us, Originally $49.99, on sale here for $29.98.
I also think any Melissa and Doug toys would be great. He has one puzzle and is a bit young for it but likes to hold the pieces (they have big knobs that make it easy for little guys to manipulate the pieces). Look how cute some of their products are!
Benjamin is also in need of new shoes. The only brand that reliably and comfortably stay on his feet are the Robeez brand. He has an adorable lion pair that fit well right now, but I want to get some other ones. Here is what they look like. I think the little dragon ones at the bottom right are cute. Oh, and the elastic back is genius. 

For those of you in Canada, shop at today and enter FRIENDS25 at checkout to save 25% off your order. 
Of course, I could branch out and get him a pair of baby Toms too. So cute! I think I'd get grey.
Lastly, I think clothes are always a good choice, especially since Ben seems to like tissue paper as much as toys. We bought some of these sets of jammies at Target and would love to get more the next size up. My mom and sister are traveling to Buffalo soon, so I may ask them to pick up a set or two. They are $12-$15 for two pairs of pajamas where the tops and bottoms mix and match. And they hold up super well to frequent washings. 

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