Sunday, March 18, 2012

Very Inexpensive Art (on sale!) - My Picks

I was doing some imaginary online shopping for an imaginary house with lots of space (sometimes- okay, often- living with a husband and a very active little boy in 1000 square feet smack dab in the middle of the city makes these daydreams happen, even if you love your 1000 square just has a way of shrinking by the end of the day). Anyway, I came across some art posters that I thought were really fun and absolutely amazing prices from I thought I'd take a moment to share a few picks here in case you're in the market for something to pretty up your walls. I'm not, so I bought nothing, but it is fun to look. Let me know if you buy anything! 

(Note: Some of the pieces have a large white border -- which comes across as odd blank space on the blog. Sorry about that!). 

Oh, and did not pay me --- I assure you, they have no idea who I am. I just like to pass along great finds and deals when I come across them. 

1) Isn't this Chicago print fantastic? Matt and I have visited there twice and love that city. It is one of the few places outside Toronto I'd gladly live if it weren't for all the family I have here. Originally $18.99, it is now on for $3.99. Get it right here.

2) Matt and I also have a huge soft spot for Santa Monica, and LA in general. We lived there for a while (in Los Feliz). This one is $8.99, available here.
3) Lest you think this is just going to be vintage travel posters for places Matt and I like, rest assured there's tons of variety in the clearance section. I absolutely love this Miro print for a boy's room, a play room, or kids' bathroom (though it obviously works in a grown up space too!). Originally $56,99, now $27.99, right here.
4) I'm also oddly intrigued by this print of 18th Century Asian Rabbits. I could see this going in a play room in the same gallery wall as the Miro print above. Or not. Maybe instead I'd hang 'em one on top of the other in a powder room. I don't know. All I know is it's a cool pair or images and only $3.99 for the pair (originally $21.99) available here.
5) I also love architectural photographs, especially NYC ones since I lived there for so long. This one happens to be of Matt's favourite building, and is only $8.99, here, for a 40x50cm.
6) Don't you just love this Old Macdonald's Farm poster for a kid's space? This poster is huge (76x61 cm) and on sale for $31.99, originally $81.99, right here
7) Maybe you'd want the above poster if your little girl loves farm animals. Or maybe she'd want these for her bedroom: four wooden pig signs. Distressed and lovely at $99 for 4 (originally $199). Here.
And finally, I love this Mandarin Garden print by Kate Birch. The colours could inspire a whole room. $16.99, right here.

Jenny xo


  1. These are great deals ... Thank you for passing them on. It's amazing how a piece of art can brighten up a space... I especially like your first two picks. Love all that color!

  2. Whoa! That is an awesome referral. Going shopping, will check back with my purchases. Great blog.


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