Saturday, March 10, 2012

Savannah's Bedroom Makeover (or, Bye Bye Bieber)

Don't you just love a good before and after? I do, especially when I have the satisfaction of knowing that I  made something more beautiful (and functional to boot). Today I'm psyched to share the "after" photos of Savannah's bedroom makeover. Well, the almost after -- we still need to hang the new chandelier, find the perfect rug, etc., but it is almost there. I'll update you when those things are in order. 

Back to the bedroom. You can see the full before and the in progress here and here.

The timeline, from the day we decided to change the room until the day it had to be finished: 10 days. Only 6 of which we could actually work on it while Savannah was away on a school trip. We also had a tight budget and re-used lots of already owned items (e.g. all the furniture, a lamp, throw pillows from other rooms, etc). Finally, the last challenge, we needed to find a design scheme that worked with the wood furniutre and the boldly patterned sofa, already-owned. 
During that time I was also helping my in-laws move, re-doing another bedroom, dealing with a 9 month old who won't sleep for more than 3 or so hours at a time, reading way too many articles for school, and a to-do list a mile long. Needless to say, I'm pleased we pulled it together so quickly and that it turned out well. 

Okay, first some before and afters, then detail shots.

Okay, now for some shots of the room:
(no time to iron the wrinkled bedding, so please ignore that)
The artwork above the nighstands was very inexpensive - $12.99 for 2 and $24.99 for two,  as was the new grey distressed mirror above the dresser (Sheffield Home, from HomeSense, $49.99 plus 10% off) and the corkboard (Staples). They help the room feel more pulled together and add function. Savannah likes to pull pages from magazine (haha, understatement of the year if you look at the before pics) but said that she liked the idea of the corkboard and will only put magazine pages on there -- nothing on the walls. This will help contain it while still allowing her to express her interests and creativity as she pleases. 
The bedding, as I mentioned in this post, was $99 plus 10% off at HomeSense and included throw pillows. It worked so well with the sofa while adding in lots of white and some grey. I added only one other new pillow, a luxurious greige Ralph Lauren pillow scored for $19.99 plus 10% off. I may go back and get one for myself. 
The painting above the new hooks (for Savannah to hang her towels on after showering in the morning - no more laundry scattered about the floor!) is a watercolour made by our grandmother. The hooks - iron flowers on a chippy turquoise plank of wood - were only $11.99 at HomeSense. 
This gator was made by Savannah when she was younger.
 We still need to hang the new light, but the upper part of the space is so much fresher with new paint:
This is the new light, just waiting for a qualified electrician with a big ladder:
As you may have noticed in the befores, Savannah needs help to stay organized. Her closet has been totally reorganized, divided into groupings that make sense for how she uses her clothes. We also organized her accessories
as well as other items like her DS games and whatnot. Everything has a place. And we donated tons and tons of excess stuff so she isn't overwhelmed by clutter or choices. This is key. 
Baskets also help keep things in check:
We also added a hamper to control the aforementioned laundry on the floor issue. 
My trusty design sidekick tested it out and totally approved of its durability.
And that completes our tour of Savannah's new digs. 
Bye bye Bieber! (Ah, don't worry Justin -- we kept the nicest pic of you in here)
Jenny xo


  1. Great job Jenny! I am sure she is going to love the new room, it feels much more peaceful and not so cluttered and kid like. Way to go and all while dealing with all your other stuff like school, etc. Wow girl!

  2. I'll comment on Savannah's amazing room make-over in a minute, but can I just say "he's so cute" about trusty sidekick!

    As I look around this fresh, organized, and fun but with a touch of grown-up space, I can't help but think of the movie title, Savannah Smiles ... she had to be all grins when she walked into her redone room the first time. And the purchased artwork and fantastic bedding including the green sheets we hadn't previously seen, really pulls it all together. And then there's the very special watercolor your grandma painted, just lovely. I can see your design and DIY flair is a family trait. Savannah is your sis?

  3. Wow, truly an amazing before/after. Great job!! I love the fresh, simple colors and all the organization!! Wonderful details, too!

  4. I can't believe that's the same room! Amazing after. I love the colors and how they tie into the couch she loves!

  5. Savannah is one lucky girl! Her room looks beautiful and spacious. Nice job!!

  6. It looks terrific! I bet she's just thrilled with it! Much more sophisticated and mature looking. Love the way you've picked colours out of the loveseat... and especially LOVE that ceiling!

  7. Amazing transformation right down to the storage solutions, and I think a single shot of Justin fits in nicely with the new look.

  8. Wow! What a transformation! This is a beautiful room now!

  9. It looks beautiful! The organization and storage is awesome. just wanted to let you know, I tagged you.

  10. You did a wonderful job with your sister's room. One question (asked because I have an 18 yr. old)... does she keep it organized?

  11. Wow what a great job, Jenny! Love what you did here.

    I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging. I've had computer issues and am on Mr. Magpie's work computer tonight. Don't know when I am going to have a chance to get a new one because I am up to my eyeballs in life stuff... Adelaide's husband had a triple bypass (unexpected), and another friend's husband is in the final days of pancreatic cancer. I have had no time to blog which I miss SO much.

    I hope to be back by the end of spring. I miss you and all of my blogging buddies.

    Take good care...


    Sheila :-)

  12. what a gorgeous and much more grown up room! i love that you still kept one poster in there... bieber fever forever! ;)


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