Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nursery Updates and Reorganization for an (almost) 8 month old!

Earlier this week I showed you how Benjamin's room started out -- looking something like this about a year ago (click here for that post):
Today, I thought I'd show you how the place is looking now that he is almost 8 months old (and crawling, and playing, and all that fun stuff). 
One thing that has changed is what is in the deep storage baskets in his closet. They used to hold clothing that he had yet to grow into grouped by size (3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9 months +) as well as bath stuff, baby care stuff (medicine, thermometre, diaper rash ointment, breast pads, pump stuff, etc), and travel stuff. At that time, I kept all of his current sized clothing in the dresser drawers, along with burp cloths and swaddling blankets in his dresser cupboard. 
Now that he is bigger (and his wardrobe has grown tremendously) there isn't much in terms of clothing that he doesn't fit yet (all of that is in a rubbermaid container stored elsewhere). The baskets (as well as the hanging storage behind the door, visible above) are instead used to group items we use a lot, which is working super well for us. I made these labels using my trusty alphabet stamps (you've seen these in a bazillion past projects, haha).
In his dresser, the top drawer is filled with socks and shoes, the second with sleepers and pajamas, and the bottom drawer with little onesies, t-shirts, and outfits. The dresser cupboard contains stroller blankets (thick, cushy blankets for chilly walks) and playmats or big quilts for playing on the floor. 

I've also done some bookshelf rearranging. 
Since I never show my home in a "staged" way (I like to keep it real, and always think it is helpful to see how other people's rooms work for them as they actually live in and use them), it isn't all as pretty as it could be. Case in point: the bumbo on the bottom shelf. In a place as small as ours, the bookshelf is prime storage and we use it as such. Overall, though, it is a cute little display that lets me access the books and whatnot really easily. A big wool basket is good for wrangling all the extra toys and makes clean-up super quick. 
We used the tin case that a super sweet dinnerware set my grandparents gave Ben for Christmas came in to store some of his little books (You can buy the dinnerware [actually, a breakfast set] here, if you're interested).
And this little bunny frame was a recently Chapters purchase at 50% off, ringing in at $9.75. The wood is warm, textured, and grainy with white edging. You can get it in all white too, but trust me that in person the wood is just right. (You can buy 'em - on sale - here). And yes, I need to print some photos.
I still need photos in this frame, too.
At least we have a photo in this little frame. He was so small!
And we also framed this funny old note. My in-laws gave it to me on our wedding day during a very funny part of their speech. The note, penned by my husband as a youngster, reads, "My kids can colour their hair any colour they want. They can wear anything they want. Matthew M---" (I blurred out our last name, but he signed his name in full). 
Oh, and speaking of un-staged -- you might have noticed something missing in this picture...
Yep, the tension curtain rod broke so we are without window treatments for the moment. The ugly vertical blinds (great for total light blockage) used to hide behind our simple white Ikea curtains, leftover from when this room was a home office. I need to buy a new rod of some sort and am debating whether I want to do anything to embellish the curtains... still pondering that one. Will keep you posted.
A few more things in the room to point out... First, a few random things...
And some specifics. This amazing, whimsical little mobile was a gift for Benjamin this past Christmas from our friends Stefania and Ben (you saw their home here and wedding ideas here). I love it. It goes so beautifully with our wall colour (Behr's Linen White). Benjamin loves to stare up at it as it bounces around.
This cute little silver Noah's ark piggy bank (from Birks) was a gift from my sister (Ben's godmother) Alicia for his baptism (you saw the baptism here - it was super fun). This picture also makes me want to dust. Ew.
This piece of art was a sewing project my mother did for my nursery when I was born. We found it in my parents' house and I thought it was great for Benny's room. It hangs on a little bit of wall right next to the door. The bear can be turned over so he is awake or asleep. I can remember playing with it at bed time when I was a kid. 
And, if you're a new mom, soon-to-be-mom, or just like baby stuff, I thought I'd make a product recommendation. We L-O-V-E our Homedics Sound Machine. It has a little projector that can make different moving scenes on the ceiling and lots of sound and music settings. This thing helps Benjamin (a rather troubled sleeper) get some rest. Love, love, love it. It's not a miracle worker, but it is super soothing. 
Thanks for checking out these nursery updates. More to come as we continue to tweak things, fix up the curtains, and whatever else I come up with...
 (If only we could get him to like sleeping in here all night.... one day maybe. He is a cutie though). 
Jenny xo

(If you wondered,  the products I'm recommending are just ones I've used and loved or bought myself. No one paid me or perked me in any way to mention them, I just like to share my opinion and make it easy for people to find the items I'm talking about if they're interested. If I ever do get paid to mention something [not likely!] I will be very clear about that). 

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  1. This room is just so sweet!! I love all the details in it!!

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  4. Hi Jenny!
    Thanks for dropping by my page! I absolutely love your baby's bedroom and adore his name (he's also such a cutie pie)! Also, all of the sentimental details that went into the room are priceless! :)
    So glad to have met a fellow torontonian! :)
    -your newest follower, Jane @ urbanejane.com

  5. His room is so adorable!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

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  13. Adorable! And he's so sweet too! My son is 9 months old and I have to pinch myself sometimes b/c he's the sweetest thing ever! You did a great job!
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  16. He is just so cute and that room is adorable! I love the clean whites and I couldn't see it so well but I can tell that the chandelier is just as cute as the room! I've been doing my cousins nursery for her 1st baby due next month! Love to see great inspiration! found you at MMS. Would love for you to come by!


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  19. Such a wonderful nursery. I love the clean neutrals. The font of his name above the bed ties everything together really well, and I really love the cloud mobile. It all looks so great. He's definitely the cutest part though :) Thanks for sharing!

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  21. He is just too cute, Jenny! I loved seeing how you have updated his room to this point. I like your closet storage solutions. I'm just now starting to help my daughter with my granddaughter's room {they moved with us and into their first house} and I know the closet is going to be something to deal with. I am trying to just do the main room first and then we'll focus on the closet. Since it was a kid's room to begin with, I'm hoping we can utilize some of the wire closet system the previous owners installed {it's not a very big closet either}.

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  25. Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog as I googled something about window treatments, and boy am I glad I did! We have recently moved into a new house after having been "on the road" with our daught for nine months (from when she was 8 months; today she is 19 months old), and was contemplating on how to set up her room! The great surprise and delight to me is that your baby's room is of similar configuration as my daughter's room so I'm stealing your idea of how you placed the furniture around (except we don't use a changing t able anymore so we might either put here wooden play kitchen there or a dressed, or even both of them! A heartfelt virtual thank you! Claudia


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