Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mood Board for Nicolette's Boys' Room

Nicolette, the creative super-mom of Momnivore's Dilemma, has two gorgeous little boys who need to bring some order, storage, and style to their bedroom. I was happy to create this little mood board for her - a jumping off point to get the re-do rolling.
But let's backtrack...
Here are the before pictures of Moose and Monkey's room (no, not their real names, but adorable nicknames -- I especially have a soft spot for Monkey since we call our own little guy our Benjamonkey or just Monkey too). 
To see all the details, before pictures, and details from the mood board, click "read more"

And these next pics help underscore the need for storage. Nicolette especially wanted cubby storage that she could label - she is, after all, a former teacher.
She also had these pieces that could be repurposed:
Nicolette also has a grey and red chair that needs to stay in the room, so that was the colour jumping off point.

So here's the ideas I thought might work for the room... Nicolette will receive a full list of sources (as soon as I get a few moments -- sorry for the delay and thank you for being so patient, N!). If you're interested in anything in particular, just let me know. 
Information pertaining to each # is below. 
1. Grey Accent Paint Colour - for base of table (7), inside of nighstand cubby
2. Wall Colour - a soothing, soft blue. Not so baby-ish that it won't grow with the boys as they become older, but also not too mature or loud. It will help keep the room feeling airy and serene. 
3. Red Paint (Secondary Accent Colour) - for painting chairs (8), rolling book cart (6). 
4. Boxes for storage in some cubbies and perhaps inside a closet. Instead of expensive baskets, repurpose cardboard banker style boxes or similar by painting with chalkboard paint. This allows the boxes to be easily labelled. 
5. Fabrics! More on those below...
6. Rolling book cart. Put the books for that day's lesson, bedtime, etc. on top and keep school supplies below. Easy to roll away when not in use. A DIY project for Nicolette's hand husband, perhaps?
7. Play table - re-use the one Nicolette already has but freshen it up by painting the legs grey and the top with chalkboard paint. 
8. Play table chairs - also re-use the chairs she already has, but freshen up by giving them a glossy coat of red paint. 
9. Name letters in grey and/or red. These could go above each boys' bed. Nicolette could also choose to put a single letter (their first initial) in a frame, and frame a cute pic of each boy next to it (these would go above the bed as shown). 
10. New window treatments. Since budget is a concern and Nicolette is super crafty, I thought it might be fun and economical to take basic white, very pale blue, or very light grey ready-made curtains from Ikea and paint two wide, bold grey stripes (in our accent colour or a slightly darker shade) on the bottom. Curtain rod could be painted black (matching the shade to the chalkboard paint on the table) or kept nickel finish (at least that is how it appears in photos)
11. Chunky west-elm beds. I'd paint 'em black. Nicolette's emailed me to let me know her husband is already making these for the boys. I recommend keeping the bedding simple and basic -- perhaps white so it can easily be bleached - with fun sheets in blue, grey, or red. Add on a few toss pillows made from fun fabrics (5) and they're all set. As the boys get older, if the bedding survives until then, it can grow with them by just changing out the throw pillows.
12. Art above bed. Could be photos, framed pages from favourite storybooks, initials, anything really. Anything is art as long as you put it in a nice frame. White frames are the way to go.
13. Cubby style toy storage. This unit is low, wide, and heavy, so it won't tip over if one of the kids decides to climb it. It also helps to limit the number of toys -- too much choice can be overwhelming, so it is better to fill this unit and then rotate the rest in and out of storage. I like the colour choices as shown, too. 
14. More book/toy storage (to be painted). I'd make a cushion for on top of this and set it under the window if possible (a bit tricky to know exactly how I'd lay out the furniture from the photos, and I don't have a floorplan or anything, so not sure if this idea would actually be realistic). On either side of the window, spice racks from Ikea could be used for more display/storage of books too, like this.
15. To create a focal point, create a grouping of 6-9 frames. In my mind, these would be clipboard frames that hold rotating art that the boys' make, photos, cards, seasonal things, etc. They'd be sort of like this:
or this:

Now for the fabrics. Here's the one's I've picked based on price, durability, and of course looks. All are available at In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't been able to see samples of all of them in person, but since Nicolette's been waiting for this I'm going ahead and putting this out there - but in a worst case scenario, they'd be exchanged. The fabrics might seem like too much all laid out here, but in the room when combined with soft walls, neutral bedding, and clean-lined painted furniture, they'll help it feel warm, stylish, but not too precious (this room needs to stand up to a lot of activity, after all). The softness fabrics bring will help make it a cozy place for the boys and Nicolette, too. 

For pillows on beds and on possible window cubby bench. 
To recover tiny upholstered chair:
Small pillows for bed and recovered chair:
This fabric I would actually not choose, but am showing you since it was in the mood board. Upon closer inspection of the fabric details, it is too light-weight to be durable enough for this space. But something graphic like this would work well. 
Euro sized pillow for beds:
This one is for the window bench. It is a heavy duty nylon, so will be plenty durable for energetic boys as the cushion fabric. It will also tie in with other red accents. 

And just because I think it's really cute, here's that rolling book cart up close. The ability to roll it away when not needed, and the lack of sharp corners, make this one a winner. This one retails for $199 right here, but I think a handy person could make it for far less. 

Now, Nicolette, this is step one toward re-doing your space. If there are things you like, use 'em - and things that you don't we can modify and change up. Everyone else -- thanks for looking, and go on over and say hi to Nicolette at her blog.

Lots of love,

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  1. Love the clipboard frames! The book storage on wheels is pretty awesome too! What a fun project!

  2. Cute mood board! I love the book cart, and now I really want to do the clipboard frames. I've been wanting to display the boys' artwork, but couldn't come up with a good plan. Thanks for the inspiration! Can't wait to see your design plan implemented :)

  3. Great color palette and the repurposing of the table and chairs she already has on hand. Looking forward to seeing this when it's done, I hope she'll send or post some pics!

  4. You are amazing. There's so much to work with here! Thanks! I am on it. My husband just made those west elm beds this past weekend {via Ana White's plans}, and we are in the process of redoing the room as we speak.

    btw. the rolling bookcart idea is genius.

  5. Love the pictureframe clipboard idea. Makes it much easier to switch out artwork!

  6. Looking forward to seeing the finish product!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  7. Soooo many options! Thanks so much for linking up to Kiss & Tell over at I Gotta Create, Jenny!!


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